December 6, 2016 GMT

Bid made for new trial venue in Black man’s death

MONTGOMERY, Ala. — A lawyer for a white Alabama police officer charged with murder in the fatal shooting of a black man has asked a judge to move the upcoming trial, saying the community is filled with “racial prejudice and hatred” toward the officer.

Montgomery police Officer Aaron Smith faces a murder charge for the February death of 58-year-old Greg Gunn. Smith’s lawyer filed a motion seeking a change of venue, saying it would be impossible for Smith to receive a fair trial in the Deep South city where emotionally charged protests took place in the wake of the shooting.

Worker admits to snooping in emails for stock deals

SEATTLE — A former information technology worker at Expedia Inc. pleaded guilty Monday to securities fraud after authorities said he used his access to the computers of top executives to rummage through their email, then made lucrative, illegal stock trades based on the inside information he discovered.

Prosecutors said Jonathan Ly, 28, of San Francisco made more than $330,000 from trades done with the information from 2013 to 2015.

Ly pleaded guilty to one count of securities fraud in U.S. District Court in Seattle and is expected to face a potential sentence of about two years. He has agreed to pay the Securities and Exchange Commission $376,000 and to reimburse Expedia $81,000 for costs associated with the investigation.

U.S. succeeds in shutting down counterfeit embassy

ACCRA, Ghana — A fake U.S. embassy that operated for “about a decade” in Ghana’s capital issuing counterfeit and fraudulently obtained visas has been shut down, the U.S. State Department announced.

— Compiled from The Associated Press

The scam was orchestrated by “Ghanaian and Turkish organized crime rings” and a Ghanaian attorney, a statement said. Several suspects have been arrested, though others remain at large.

Raids led to the recovery of 150 passports from 10 countries and visas from the U.S., India, South Africa and the European Schengen zone. It was not clear how many people were defrauded by the fake embassy, which charged $6,000 for its services.

In Washington, State Department spokesman Mark Toner said no one was able to enter the United States illegally using a counterfeit visa obtained at the fake embassy.