Nancy Pelosi: Donald Trump ‘had a temper tantrum for us all to see’

May 23, 2019 GMT

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said in a letter sent Wednesday to her Democratic colleagues that her party is still committed to a “historic infrastructure package” after President Trump blasted their meeting over the multiple House investigations.

“Democrats are here for the country. Sadly, the only job the President seems to be concerned with is his own. He threatened to stop working with Democrats on all legislation unless we end oversight of his Administration and he had a temper tantrum for us all to see,” the California Democrat said.

Mrs. Pelosi added Democrats will “continue to work relentlessly on bold, transformative infrastructure solutions ... regardless of the president’s behavior.”


Mr. Trump refuted Mrs. Pelosi’s description of his temperament, saying he was “very polite and calm” during his Rose Garden press conference.

“In a letter to her House colleagues, Nancy Pelosi said: ‘President Trump had a temper tantrum for us all to see.’ This is not true. I was purposely very polite and calm, much as I was minutes later with the press in the Rose Garden. Can be easily proven. It is all such a lie,” the president tweeted.

Mrs. Pelosi said Wednesday morning after a meeting with her caucus that Democrats “believe that the president of the United States is engaged in a cover-up.”

A visibly disgusted Mr. Trump responded with an impromptu White House press conference where he said he won’t work with Democrats while they are seeking to impeach him and continue their “phony investigations.”

Dave Boyer and Stephen Dinan contributed to this article.