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Orchids and Onions: Sunday, April 14, 2019

April 15, 2019 GMT

Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Orchids to the Red Cross Volunteers who took care of our Smoke Alarms on Snead Dr. So appreciated that. Donna

Onions to the onion about the Monday night spaghetti crew. Our spaghetti crew are all volunteers that work about eight hours every Monday to provide you with an inexpensive and tasty dinner. Why is it that those who never volunteer complain the most? Support your volunteers!

Orchids to Ryan in the electronics department at Walmart. Purchased a new cellphone and he made the transition extremely easy. Great employee with an even greater personality. Thanks for your help. Rick

Onions to the customer who complained that a waiter recommended screw top wine. You are dating yourself. All the best wineries are going to screw tops as they work well, cork is in short supply and plastic becomes biohazardous trash. Orchids to the up-to-date waiter.

Orchids to Walmart, the employees have taken their time to restock what I am looking for. I can actually use the self-checkout with a basket full, if I have to. I complain a lot, so I wanted to say something positive.

Onions to the person complaining about CNN being too negative on this President. Just a hunch I know what station you’d prefer they play. Sorry but I think CNN does a great job keeping the news fair and balanced. Remember, “This is an apple.” (CNN watchers understand)

Orchids to John, who is making the wash off Magnolia more beautiful one stone at a time. Occasionally a person comes into our lives and changes the surroundings for everyone in a positive way. Walk the wash from Magnolia to Swanson, to see his work with nature, and chat a moment with him. Seldom will you meet such an inspiring individual.

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