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Missouri tries again to replace Benton statue with Truman

February 6, 2019

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) — Missouri lawmakers are trying again to replace a statue at the U.S. Capitol with one of former President Harry Truman.

The Senate passed a resolution Wednesday to put Truman’s statue in place of one of former Sen. Thomas Hart Benton, who was instrumental in the nation’s westward expansion.

State lawmakers passed something similar last year. But it was vetoed by Gov. Mike Parson because the version sent to him mistakenly referenced the accomplishments of Benton’s great-great nephew, a famous painter by the same name.

All states are allotted two statues in the Capitol.

Unless the Benton resolution passes, Truman’s statue is to replace one of former U.S. Sen. Francis Preston Blair Jr., who was instrumental in keeping Missouri out of the Confederacy.

The resolution now goes to the Missouri House.

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