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Your Style: Kris Ferguson

June 11, 2018 GMT

Kris Ferguson is founder and owner of Phenomenal Women Consignment Shop in Zumbrota.

“I moved to Minnesota almost 30 years ago to be near extended family after a divorce,” she said. “My children were small and I had a grandmother living in Zumbrota, so the choice was obvious for me.

“I worked in the construction industry for 25 years and opened my consignment shop during that time frame,” Ferguson said. “I met and married the love of my life 15 years ago. Eight years ago, I resigned from my construction career to focus solely on running the Phenomenal Woman.”

Ferguson explains, “When my children were small, I clothed them from items I found while thrifting and my dream was always to open a children’s consignment shop. Then one day, while consignment shopping with my mom, we visited a plus-size consignment shop and a light bulb went off. I decided that was the direction I wanted to go.

“I started researching the consignment industry and making plans. So many people told me that I wouldn’t make it if I was just plus size and my response was ’50 percent of the female population wears a size 12 and up — and that’s enough of a market for me.’”

How do you describe your style?

I would say I’m a bit avant-garde with a touch of classic. I’ve always loved pieces that have clean lines but are structured differently. I tend to lean towards black and white, accented with bold statement jewelry or an occasional pop of color.


My style has evolved through the years. Choices have improved recently and I find myself searching for pieces that are out of the norm. During my 20s and 30s, while raising my children, I was definitely less concerned about what I was wearing and whether or not it was “in style.” I’ve always been a bargain shopper and I look for pieces that are unusual and different, but now I might spend a bit more on something unique.

Special inspiration?

My mother always had a very put-together look.

What do you hope your style communicates?

Confidence and self-assurance, with some attitude thrown in.

What do you wear when working in your store and elsewhere?

I dress professionally while working in the store. When I’m not working, I definitely wear comfort and casual items — yoga pants or jeans.

Your most essential wardrobe components?

Currently, slim profile black slacks, a black cropped jacket and, of course, statement jewelry. I can coordinate with any unique top with those basic pieces.

What should every well-dressed woman have in her wardrobe?

A tunic or dress that makes her feel fabulous when she wears it and a bold metallic statement necklace.

Do you have priceless sentimental pieces?

I have some jewelry that is sentimental, but for clothing, I’ve taught myself not to be too attached — I ask my consignors to do the same, after all!

An item your family or friends joke about?

In the ’80s, I had a black and white large polka-dotted dress that I wore dancing. Coincidentally, I have a dear friend who happened to have the same exact dress … seriously.

Favorite colors to wear?

Black and white and for color, turquoise or anything blue.

Preferred style season?

Spring and fall. I love the change of the seasons and the fashion options with each.

Advice for readers?

Every day, I see women who are critical about their arms, their tummy, their backside or whatever. As women, we are too hard on ourselves. Wear what you like and what works for you. If you are confident in your choices, your confidence will shine through. It really shouldn’t matter what other people think.