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Fla. Man Gets Life for Halloween Murder

May 10, 2003 GMT

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (AP) _ A man convicted of running over a neighbor after a dispute over Halloween pranks was sentenced to life in prison for murder Friday.

Richard Day wept during the hearing, telling the judge, ``I’m sorry for what happened.″

``It wasn’t done on purpose,″ Day told the family of the victim, 40-year-old Robert Campbell. ``It was an accident and I want to go home with my wife and son.″

Prosecutors said Day, 59, became enraged on Halloween 2001 after his home was pelted with eggs and sprayed with shaving cream. They said he grabbed a carton of eggs, ordered his 12-year-old son into the family pickup and sped off with him.


He threw eggs at three houses that night, and lost his eyeglasses in a scuffle at the first house before going to Campbell’s home. Prosecutors said Day ran over Campbell and dragged him 190 feet after the victim came out to confront Day.

Witnesses said that after returning from the third house, Day spit on Campbell and said, ``He got what he deserved.″

Day was convicted of second-degree murder on April 10.