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We must check our reckless president -- Joe McClain

May 16, 2019

Recklessness has been a hallmark of Donald Trump’s career both in business and politics. It is the latter that puts us all at risk. It is a palpable threat.

In commerce, Trump’s bad decisions can be seen in six bankruptcies, countless court cases and money lost in amounts that it is hard for the mind to conceive. He has been terrible at business, at deals.

In politics and governing, we see that sources of key information are rejected or never confronted. We see our alliances trashed, our international agreements reneged. Our relationships based on short-term goals rather than anything resembling strategy.

Democracy is fragile -- recklessness is a threat. The guardrails built into checks and balances must work. We as voters play a large role in whether there is an effective response to the inevitable outcome of unchecked recklessness.

Joe McClain, McFarland

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