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$24,000 Gucci purse still missing, police release another suspect photo

February 24, 2017

Charleston police still haven’t bagged the cane-wielding thief who made off with a screaming yellow crocodile-skin Gucci purse, but they released another photo of a suspect Thursday.

The rare $24,000 purse, reportedly one of only three in existence, went missing last Friday from the Gucci store at 132 Market St. in downtown Charleston. A store manager had just set the handbag on a display as the Southeastern Wildlife Exposition ramped up that morning, and when he returned from a lunch break at 3 p.m., it had vanished.

The suspect is described as a white man wearing a white shirt, black hat, dark sunglasses and blue jeans. He and two suspected accomplices were all described as having Russian accents. The accomplices allegedly distracted store employees while the shoplifter hoisted the purse off a shelf with his cane, folded the cane up into one of his pockets, and then hid the purse under his shirt before walking out.

People with information about the theft can call 843-743-7200 and ask for the on-call Charleston police detective.