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Wonderlok ’Em Chair Joint Adhesive a solution that really works

April 8, 2019

Are you ever a bit nervous about sitting on a chair or barstool that has loose wooden joints? To fix it you would have to take it apart and then glue it back together — or worse, the nail that you would have to use is so small that hammering it would be nearly impossible.

If that is the case, then Wonderlok ’Em Chair Joint Adhesive (Tite Chairs) is the chair repair solution that really works. Wonderlok ’Em quickly fixes loose joints with just a few drops in the joint, and it doesn’t cause the wood to swell. It’s a super-powerful adhesive with almost 4,000 pounds per square inch of holding power.

Wonderlok ’Em is very thin glue that will ooze into the joints and will be secure and sturdy within minutes. In fact, it’s that ooze factor that makes this glue work so well. Wonderlok ’Em is not just for chairs, but it can be used on staircase spindles, tool handles, dovetail joints, and any place where there is a wood joint. One of the best things about Wonderlok ’Em is that you never have to take your furniture apart.

The glue is so thin and the dropper on the bottle is so tiny that it will fit down into the joint easily. No more trying to clamp a joint together. With just a few drops of Wonderlok Em your chair will be ready to use in no time.

Now to the email …

Question: I like to hand water my yard. What nozzle do you think is the best and light weight so that my hands don’t get tired while watering?

Answer: There is a small nozzle called Little Big Shot that is very light weight, powerful, and versatile. It’s brass, so it will last for seasons and is made in the USA. It will save you water because it provides 40 percent more water pressure than most garden hose nozzles. It has three settings from wide spray to pin-point accuracy.

Question: I have a turbine on the roof that has started squeaking. I’m embarrassed about how annoying it is and thinking it might be time to replace it with a new one. Any suggestions?

Answer: Instead of replacing the turbine, why don’t we give it a lube job? (When I say “we” — I mean someone else you ask to get on the roof) Tri-Flow is a superior lubricant that penetrates and protects against wear and tear on moving parts by reducing friction. Just spray your turbine working it in to all the moving parts. Tri-Flow will push out dirt and debris so you can just wipe it off. Tri-Flow resists humidity, salt air and extreme temperatures.

Question: I have had several handymen try and fix a leak on my roof around a vent pipe. The leak is still there and it’s very frustrating because it does damage on the inside of the house. Is there a secret to fixing a leak around a pipe?

Answer: There is a product called Thru the Roof! that has fixed many a difficult roof leak. Thru the Roof! is a flexible product that will extend the life of a roof. Thru the Roof! goes on crystal clear and stays that way so it never stands out on the roof. The product comes in a caulk, a brushable quart and a gallon. Use the caulk around the vent pipe on the roof, and if you think the leak extends farther, brush on the liquid product.

Question: My dishwasher still does a great job and I don’t want to change it out but the racks have started to lose the rubber on the tips and are rusting. This rust is transferred to my dishes. Do they make anything to fix these racks? Or do I need to get replacement rack?

Answer: Spray the rack where it is rusting with Rust Cure and then after a week when the Rust Cure has cured, touch up the racks with Re Rack. It’s a liquid rubber product made by Plasti Dip. Remove your rack and place newspapers underneath. Apply the Re Rack and extend your repair down past the damaged area. Repeat after an hour. Re Rack has outstanding adhesion and will not pop off during the wash and dry cycle. Re Rack can be used on any plastic-coated rack system.

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