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Court sentences French hacker who used computer FBI network

February 26, 1997

PARIS (AP) _ A French court fined a computer hacker $9,000 and ordered him to pay $250,000 in phone bills after finding him guilty of using an FBI computer network to hold free on-line conversations.

Anthony Chris Zboralski, 21, received an 18-month suspended prison sentence on Tuesday. He admitted connecting his computer to the FBI’s network to contact on-line friends around the world.

Judge Francis Bruty called Zboralski ``a computer genius with a lamentable morality.″

Zboralski obtained the FBI’s connection numbers by ringing its free international line and posing as a Paris-based agent. He used them for four months, beginning in August 1994, costing AT&T about $250,000, the FBI said in court. The FBI’s network uses an AT&T system.

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