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Daniel Pearson, a vote for looking forward

November 3, 2018 GMT

We like to look at the past through a rose-colored lens of nostalgia. Life was better then. Things were easier and times were simpler.

Some like to believe that the right person, with the same memories can take us back there. That’s faulty thinking.

Amazon was launched as an online bookstore in 1994, but didn’t turn a profit until the end of 2001. For seven years, that company lost millions in its pursuit of making almost any product you can think of available at a better price, without leaving your home.

That shift in how we shop is why it’s so difficult to get “quaint mom and pop stores” at Four Corners. Those are hard businesses to sustain. That’s reality, and it’s happened everywhere.

Brookfield is not immune to the forces of globalization and the changes to the way our economy operates. When residents discuss this issue, it’s usually on Facebook, using a phone that does more than a computer did five years ago, over a high-speed connection to their home, while they’re streaming something on Netflix.

Every one of those things is part of why Brookfield is not the small town of yesteryear.

By that same token, Brookfield is not a self-sustaining island, disconnected from the rest of the state. Transportation issues are not just about the few miles of 84 that pass through Brookfield. Jobs are not about wanting office buildings and factories to be built within our 20 square miles so that all Brookfield residents can be employed in the town’s borders. Protecting the environment cannot be done by keeping “Brookfield’s air” clean without concern for “non-Brookfield air.”

If the extent of your concerns lie within the borders of this town, real solutions won’t come.

Daniel Pearson is committed to our town and the 107th District. A key differentiator is that Daniel has the values and vision for the job at hand today, not just the memories of what once was.

The job at hand today is to represent the 107th District to solve problems at the state level. Solving those problems requires an understanding of the district, a depth of knowledge about the issues, and the ability to relate to what life is like for many people — not the just the one life you know.

We need someone who understands the challenges of being a single parent, the importance of having health care, and why the cities need to be thriving if we want a booming state economy. We need someone who understands the ties that really bind us as a community, and that community continues beyond the town borders.

That’s why the Brookfield Democratic Town Committee unanimously endorsed Daniel Pearson in his run for State Representative. That’s why we believe he is the best person to do this job and make real progress for our town, our district, and our state.

Laura Orban


Brookfield Democratic Town Committee