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‘Northern Exposure’ Episode Based in Juneau - Sort of

May 1, 1992

JUNEAU, Alaska (AP) _ Monday’s episode of the quirky television series ″Northern Exposure″ will take its viewers to Juneau. Well, not really.

The scenes were filmed at a downtown hotel in Seattle. Careful viewers should be able to spot some Juneau memorabilia sent to the show’s production crew by the Juneau Convention and Visitors Bureau.

The CBS-TV series is about a city-slicker doctor, Joel Fleischman, forced to practice in Alaska as a condition of his medical school loan. In Monday’s episode, Fleischman attends a medical convention in Juneau.

Seattle’s Edgewater Inn was redecorated to look more like Juneau, said Kim Frank, a set decorator for the show. ″We put a lot of stuffed trophy animals in the lobby,″ she said. Outside shots are filmed mostly in Roslyn, Wash.

The visitors bureau sent ″Northern Exposure″ enough Juneau postcards to fill a rack, Juneau coffee mugs, lapel pins and a bumper sticker that reads, ″Pot got more votes than Hickel.″

″They called back and asked, ’What does this mean?‴ said Debby Decker of the visitors bureau.

The sticker refers to Gov. Walter J. Hickel’s election with just 39 percent of the vote in November 1990, when more votes were cast against a measure on the same ballot to ban marijuana possession in the home.

Much of ″Northern Exposure″ revolves around the love-hate relationship between Fleischman and Maggie, a pilot.

The title of Monday’s episode, ″It Happened in Juneau,″ might lead one to believe that Fleischman and Maggie finally consummate their relationship in the capital. ″That was the first thing I thought of,″ Decker said.

Tom Garrett, president of the Southeast Alaska Tourism Council, sees great marketing opportunities: ″If they consummate their relationship I think Juneau is going to become the absolute hot honeymoon destination. People are going to want to know what it is about Juneau, Alaska, that put them over the top.″

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