LPHS grad rate surpasses 90 percent

January 25, 2019 GMT

La PORTE — Graduation rates are at a high for La Porte High School. On-time graduation surpassed the 90 percent mark for 2018’s class.

Reaching 90 percent is considered to be the gold standard among high schools. LPHS reached a landmark 91 percent graduation rate last year, which was considerably above the Indiana state average of 88 percent.

The 2018 class is the first in recent history to surpass this milestone, bringing pride to La Porte High School.

The school’s principal, Ben Tonagel, expressed his feelings about this achievement, “I am very proud of the Class of 2018 for this achievement and for our staff’s efforts throughout each student’s journey.”

This percentage accounts for students who complete their graduation requirements within four years of starting high school. Schools are required to keep record of any students who attend the school at any point in their high school education, not just those who graduate with La Porte High School. Schools keep documentation of all students who pass through their doors, and reflect their success within their report.

Some of the success can be attributed to the institution of new graduation pathways by the Indiana Department of Education. These pathways provide alternative methods for students to earn their diploma. The new pathways develop career competencies that directly relate to entering the workforce post-graduation. Some of these competencies include critical thinking, teamwork, empathy and punctuality.

La Porte High School was notified that they would be able to institute these pathways late in the 2018 graduation cycle. Under the wire, the faculty was able to help many students reach on-time graduation by utilizing these new guidelines.

Tonagel contributes last year’s success to a group effort.

“This achievement is the collective efforts of all LPHS staff including support staff from all departments and community support which is vital to school success,” Tonagel said. “So much goes into the educational journey of our students and I can’t emphasize enough how important collective contributions are to the learning and growth process. We will continue to strive to make 90 percent+ the standard for all cohorts.”