Midterm elections have mixed results -- Mike Braun

November 12, 2018

Here’s my take on the midterm elections:

Because the U.S. Senate is now more GOP-controlled, President Donald Trump will be able to nominate federal judges and U.S. Supreme Court justices and get them approved. His legacy may be in that realm, especially if Justice Ruth Bader-Ginsberg leaves the high court.

Because we have become a judiciary-centered oligarchy, the more conservative judges he appoints, the better we become -- even if he can’t get his agenda through the House, or the Democrats take the White House in 2020.

On the state side, Gov.-elect Tony Evers inherits a Republican-controlled Assembly and Senate. Short of using executive orders, he is bound to be ineffective. But with the Democrats getting Josh Kaul as the new attorney general, the state will likely withdraw from a lawsuit trying to end Obamacare. Kaul also might discourage cooperation with the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency and emphasize prosecutions of hate crimes committed against minorities. We’ll probably see an increase in intolerance of Christians.

I’m not sure Evers can raise taxes without approval from the Legislature, but I still feel job growth and business expansion will stagnate. He will push for more regulations from the state Department of Natural Resource, and he will put his cronies in charge of the departments of state.

Mike Braun, Oshkosh

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