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Woman arrested in stun gun attack

April 27, 2019 GMT

A Fort Wayne woman was taken into custody after she attacked  her ex-boyfriend with a stun gun during an argument over who would watch the kids.

Jemiesha J. Perry aka Jamiesha Perry, 36, of the 3200 block of Bowser Avenue, was charged Thursday with domestic battery committed in the presence of a child with a misdemeanor charge for using a stun gun during an unlawful act.

The victim said the mother of his children showed up at his residence April 21 around 9:30 a.m. after he had dropped their children off at her residence, according to court documents. The victim said Perry started kicking at his front door and yelling at him to come get the kids. When he told her he was not going to do that, Perry pulled out a stun gun and primed it, court documents said.

The victim told Perry to put the stun gun away or he’d call the police.

But instead of putting it away, the victim said she placed the stun gun against his chest and activated it, court documents said. The victim said he felt pain and showed officers two red marks on the left side of his chest. She then left his porch after stunning him and took a rock and scratched the spoiler on the lid of his truck.

Perry was released Thursday on her own recognizance. She has a court hearing Monday.