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Lens on History: Make your car happy

March 20, 2019 GMT

Your girlfriend opens the trunk, you pull out some old bath towels and finish wiping down your ’67 Firebird. That’s the great part about working at the Thunderbird — free car washes.

Before long, three of your buddies are drying their cars under the lights. It’s the summer of 1972, and no one’s ever heard of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries. Rochester has more than 87 gas stations. When you cruise Broadway from the north to the south, you pass 29 of them.

You drop the convertible top. The black-red and green-white of the Class of ’72 tassels hanging from the rear view flutter in the evening breeze.


Your new girlfriend is great, even if she did go to that other school. Before you leave, the police drive by slowly; you wait and then take off in the opposite direction.

Remember, a clean car is a happy car!