Births 3/5/2018

March 5, 2018 GMT


CICILIONI: A son, Feb. 26, to John and Heather Twiss Cicilioni, Newton Twp.

CORNELL: A son, Feb. 22, to Tyler Cornell and Kristin Hille, Old Forge.

DEPOTI: A daughter, Feb. 22, to Chris and Athleen Baird Depoti, Moscow.

GATTO: A daughter, Feb. 28, to Jeffrey and Sabrina Stankevich Gatto, Scranton.

HILL: A son, Feb. 26, to Sean Hill and Ashley Johnson, Carbondale.

IYOOB: A son, March 1, to Jason and Erica Alunni Iyoob, Jessup.

KLIMEK: A daughter, Feb. 27, to Nathan and Katherine McAvoy Klimek, Scranton.

LANGILLE: A son, Feb. 26, to Bert IV and Jessica Walacavicz Langille, Greentown.

RIVERA-CRUZ: A son, March 1, to Jonatan Rivera-Cruz and Krystal Cruz, Taylor.

ROSE: A son, Feb. 23, to David and Elissa Horton Rose, Carbondale.

RUGLETIC: A son, March 1, to Roger and Erin Fernandes Rugletic, Scranton.

SANTIAGO: A son, Feb. 27, to Christjen Santiago and Samantha Beilman, Scranton.

SMULEK: A son, March 1, to Nathan and Stephanie Brooks Smulek, Factoryville.

STRAVINSKI: A son, Feb. 28, to Carl and Kaitlyn Stravinski, Pittston Twp.

URSO: A son, Feb. 24, to David Urso Jr. and Danielle Maro, Scranton.