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Alex Jones and Jeremy Richman: Sandy Hook dad kills himself as defamation suit continues

March 25, 2019 GMT

Jeremy Richman’s suicide comes as his defamation case against Infowars host Alex Jones begins to come to a head.

Richman and his wife, Jennifer Hensel, are among the plaintiffs in a defamation suit against Jones. Their daughter, Avielle, was killed in the 2012 massacre at Sandy Hook.

Richman was found dead at Newtown Town Hall early Monday.

Last week, Judge Barbara Bellis denied Jones’ lawyer’s request for a delay in handing over records to the plaintiffs, and Jones was ordered to provide sworn testimony on the case.

Bellis is allowing the plaintiffs’ lawyers to depose Jones and other defendants for a total of 19 hours.


Jones has said publicly that the Sandy Hook massacre, in which 20 children and six adults were killed, was “completely fake.” He has described the tragedy as a hoax and called the families paid actors.

Since the lawsuit was filed, however, his lawyers have confirmed their belief that the tragedy did, in fact, occur.

“Children and educators were murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary School, understandably scarring and causing extraordinary grief throughout the community,” Jones’ lawyer argued in January while trying to get a venue change. “People who have lived this close to such a horrific tragedy cannot be expected to think about it unemotionally, particularly when an attorney representing its victims is directly and falsely accusing third parties (in this case, Defendants) of callously profiting from their grief.”

The defamation lawsuits in Connecticut are separate from two lawsuits filed against Jones in Texas by parents of first-graders who were slain in the shooting.

Jones has recently hired controversial New Haven-based lawyer Norm Pattis to represent him in the case.

News-Times reporter Rob Ryser contributed to this story.