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Kelly Hays-Thorson: Short-term inconveniences

April 24, 2018 GMT


I remember sitting in a school board meeting discussing if the override and bond were going to be put to the public again. The audience was told the money problem was at the state level and that changes had to happen there. We have contacted our legislators.

They haven’t done anything. The teachers of this state have decided it’s time the legislature makes a change. They are doing what we, the general public, couldn’t do.

If the teachers strike, that doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate what the voters did with passing the bond/override. It means they are putting the state government on notice. Yes, students may lose some days of instruction. But look at what those students gain if the teachers are successful. The students’ schools get back the money that was taken away. That means better instruction for those students. That is what the teachers want, what’s best for the students in the long run. We, as a city, need to look past a few inconveniences now, and see the bigger gain for the future. The bond/override passage shows that this city supports education. Please support whatever decision the teachers make so quality education can continue in this town.

Kelly Hays-Thorson

Lake Havasu City