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Summer safety a must around pools, rivers

May 29, 2018

Summertime is nearing and it’s time for residents to focus on safety for swimmers of all ages.

Below are some tips to keep this summer a safe season, particularly for youngsters near swimming pools and rivers.

“The summer holidays are upon us and we want to make it a safe summer not only for youngsters, but people of all ages as well,” said Sheriff Troy Nehls. “We have a list of safety tips in making this an injury-free summer. It would be a great season if we can get through it without anybody getting hurt, or worse.

“In the event you have a party/gathering and have children around the pool, have one or two designated people appointed to watch the pool,” Sheriff Nehls said. “We have had instances where multiple adults were around the pool and nobody noticed a child in distress.

“Have a great and safe summer season.”

1. Consider hiring a lifeguard if you have a large pool party planned with the children. Many local community pools employ certified lifeguards in search of summer jobs.

2. It’s time to double-check the locks on gates and doors in the home to ensure the pool is secure. Dog doors have been known to provide an avenue to the pool for small children.

3. The Brazos River is not a viable swim party location. The water may look calm on the surface, but the under-current is treacherous. In years past, Fort Bend County has lost people who were tempted to swim across the Brazos and failed. Please don’t try it.