Horizon Community Bank celebrates 15 years

April 11, 2018 GMT

Horizon Community Bank has been a part of Lake Havasu City’s financial scene for 15 years, and this week the community will celebrate its anniversary courtesy of the Lake Havasu Area Chamber of Commerce.

Chamber members will attend their monthly mixer from 5 to 7 p.m. Thursday at Horizon’s Lake Havasu City branch, 225 N. Lake Havasu Ave..

Horizon Community Bank President Jerry Ernst is no stranger to community banking, having once served on the board of another of Havasu’s financial institutions: Mohave State Bank. For Ernst, small-town service is what separates banks like Horizon from banks that serve customers on a national scale.

“The Havasu community is fortunate to have two decent community banks, as well as a few giants,” Ernst said. “We get behind economic development and local charity. Lake Havasu City is where I live. Our shareholders and board members live here. We need to be connected to Havasu’s economic development as donors and supporters of civic needs.”

According to Ernst, Horizon gave back about $70,000 to Havasu charities in 2017, and employees are encouraged to engage with their community. This week, the bank’s anniversary celebration will be a chance to thank Havasu residents for their support.

“The biggest difference between Horizon and (a national bank) is that borrowers can talk face-to-face with someone who can make a decision. We’ve created a lot of jobs, and we’re one of the biggest lenders in the state. I think we’ve been decent corporate citizens, and we’ve helped the community to grow.”

Horizon Community Bank maintains branches in Havasu, Mesa and Las Vegas. More than half of those employees reside in Lake Havasu City, according to the bank.