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Panel could develop standard design for South Carolina’s state flag

February 8, 2018 GMT

COLUMBIA — South Carolina has gone without an official design for the state flag since the beginning of World War II, meaning manufacturers have come up with their own versions of the palmetto tree and crescent.

Now, a five-member panel could suggest an official state flag design for South Carolina by the end of the year.

A Senate panel approved a flag study committee Wednesday with members nominated by the governor, House and Senate leaders, the S.C. Department of Administration and the S.C. Department of Archives and History.

The current flag was designed by happenstance, though it’s based off a 19th century scheme.

The first flags with the palmetto tree and crescent design, approved as South Carolina seceded ahead of the Civil War, has a crescent pointing upwards. This flag is seen on letterhead in 1861 and a photo of a flag captured by Union troops from Iowa in 1865.

The flag’s history is murky after that.

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