Coyote euthanized, believed involved in 2 Rutgers attacks

November 22, 2019

NEW BRUNCWICK, N.J. (AP) — Rutgers University police have euthanized an aggressive coyote believed responsible for two attacks on people walking near the Rutgers Nature Preserve.

Officers on Thursday spotted the animal near the location of a Nov. 18 attack. They tried to move the coyote away from the area, but they say it continued to approach.

State Fish and Wildlife officials had set traps after a man said he was walking on the footpath on the Livingston campus when a coyote ran out from the trees and bit him on Nov. 14.

He was treated at a hospital and released.

A second person reported a coyote bit his pant leg on Nov. 18.

The coyote’s remains will be tested for rabies.