Taron Egerton wanted ‘grown up’ Robin Hood

December 29, 2018 GMT

Taron Egerton wishes ‘Robin Hood’ hadn’t lost some of it’s more “grown up” scenes.

The 29-year-old actor portrays the title character in director Otto Bathurst’s new adaptation of the classic tale - which also features the likes of Jamie Dornan as Will Scarlet and Jamie Foxx as Little John - and thought he’s pleased with the fast-paced thriller, he admitted he has “mourned” some of the more serious subjects that were cut from the finished film.

He said “I’m pleased with it. It’s much quicker than I thought it would be - it moves very fast and it’s very entertaining.

“Maybe there are some character moments that have gone by the wayside that I mourned slightly.

“Like, originally, there’s a little more racial tension early on between me and Jamie, which I thought made it feel more grown-up.

“But we set out to make a high-octane thrill ride and I think Otto’s pulled that off.”

While Taron enjoyed making the movie, he admitted it was “daunting” taking on such an iconic role.

He said “It was daunting. This is the first time I’ve stepped into the role of a heroic figure who’s so established, like a superhero.

“It was nerve-wracking but I felt I could make it my own a little bit.”

The actor was particularly keen to show the “vulnerable” side of the character

He said: “I wanted to show that side of him and while I love watching guys like The Rock and Bruce WIllis in action movie like this, you don’t see them being very vulnerable when they’re playing those larger-than-life heroes.

“So I wanted to show the boy within.

“Having said that, I’d f***ing kill to work with The Rock.”