Sex, lies and videotape — and Donald Trump

May 21, 2017 GMT

Follow the money. Follow the sex. These two will bring you to your knees. Literally.

President Donald Trump is on his knees on both counts, and on his last legs, politically. He’s over his head in controversies that go back decades.

It looks like he may be impeached. The media will do its best to see to it.

All things considered, Trump’s 2005 comments on the “Access Hollywood” bus to Billy Bush about where he likes to grab women came close to finishing off is candidacy for president. That one sexually explicit comment enhanced all the other negative press about Trump and his questionable finances, business practices, his controversial stand on immigration, even his mercurial behavior and his cuckoo hair. And it certainly took the shine off the good things he had to say about America and his desire to “Make America great again.”

Since January, we’ve watched Trump and his White House administration “spiral downward” toward a trust and approval rating close to nominal.

Now, and while Trump is on his heels, what headline factor will it be that ultimately brings him down and puts the final nail in his presidential coffin?

Relative to all the current political turmoil over the Russians, national security and obstruction of justice ... the lying, conspiring, and scorning the news media ... it could very well be “sex” again that reaches out to Donald Trump and brings him to the ground.

People don’t change their core nature.

Minority House Leader, Nancy Pelosi, recently asked “What do the Russians have on Donald Trump?” Is it something, professional, financial ... or personal? That’s a legitimate question. Indeed, it does seem like he is kowtowing to the Russians, and he’s certainly acting like he has something to hide. But something more than his tax returns, which would address any financial improprieties. That would be damaging enough.

It may be sex, lies, and videotape.

The rumors of a Trump tryst with Russian prostitutes, if the rumors are true, and if they are revealed and exposed, would mark the climactic downfall of Donald Trump. His iconic sexual swagger will have done him in.

Live by the sword, die by the sword. Money, sex. Get’s ’em every time.

Everything else is negotiable through politics and public opinion. The media (no friend to Donald Trump) is focusing on The Comey firing, “memos”, “secret tapes”, Flynn, Russian collusion, national security, exposing “classified” information and betraying U.S. allies’s security secrets. Pair this with Trump’s White House nepotism and his tinpot choice of aids, advisors and sycophants, and you have the media feeding frenzy we’re seeing. The media has placed these issues under a microscope and will not let go until they break The Donald. They are talking treason and impeachment based on information journalistically uncovered, manufactured, and/or, “leaked.”

The news has become a pundit’s paradise.

A lot of this information is speculation and wishful thinking, a lot is hysteria, and mostly it’s brought to you by the products and services paid for by the commercial advertising dollars of corporate America, and the ratings of your favorite news media program.

Truth, Entertainment, and the American way!

And, still, all these issues are negotiable and arguable. I mean, that’s what politicians and salesmen men do, right? Persuade you to buy their product or idea. Confuse you with the facts, with their “truth.” But the sex allegations and the rumors of Russian prostitutes, if they are true and proven, will instantly sink Trump like a rock.

All that said, keep in mind that in our American culture of political correctness we can excuse and argue a lot. Fraud, corruption, even treason, somehow, someway, fit into our “Godfather hero syndrome” of entertainment and a fantasy-reality media fueled lifestyle.

Trump still has a following, and some of his observations and ideas are sound. He may have nothing but good intentions befriending the Russians.

But when it comes to sexual misconduct, especially, someone else’s, and especially, a politicians, who are arguably the weakest among us and who are expected to undermine their own code of honor, we Americans are not as argumentative or forgiving.

The big difference between our political culture and Russia’s, and, frankly, the rest of the world’s, is that they will murder an out-of-favor politician, yet laud or ignore a sexual peccadillo, while here in America we laud an out-of-favor politician (“steal a little and they throw you in jail, steal a lot and they make you king”) yet murder, politically, socially, a politico accused of sexual impropriety.

What’s happening now in our country regarding Trumpmania, aside from all the issues facing us that still remain ..infrastructure, race, crime, drugs, immigration, education, healthcare, etc ..is unprecedented. it changes the American landscape both domestically and worldwide.

It appears that there’s a good chance Trump will be impeached. I would be surprised if he’d resign, like Nixon, even if all the allegations and rumors of Russian prostitutes are true. His ego is much too large to “quit.” He won’t go quietly into the good night.

True or not, Trump in or out, my money’s on The Donald that he succumbed to his sexual fantasies. He better hope the Russians don’t have a secret tape.

Either way, this is a time when America is most vulnerable. We are a distracted and confused nation and we had better keep our eyes on the ball, and off the sex, lies, and videotape.

John Kushma is a communication consultant and lives in Logan, Utah.