Nancy Pelosi calls William Barr’s summary of Mueller report ‘condescending’

March 28, 2019 GMT

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi demanded Thursday that Attorney General William P. Barr release special counsel Robert Mueller’s full report, calling the four-page summary he released last week belittling to Congress.

“We don’t need you interpreting for us,” said Mrs. Pelosi, California Democrat. “It was condescending. It was arrogant. And it wasn’t the right thing to do.”

She said should Mr. Barr not move quickly to produce the full report that Mr. Mueller filed last week, she will back her committee chairs, who have said they could use subpoena powers to pry the document loose from the Justice Department.

Mr. Barr says he is working to make public as much of the report as possible. In his summary, released Sunday, he said Mr. Mueller found no evidence the Trump campaign conspired with Russia.

Mrs. Pelosi still saw wrongdoing on the president’s part, saying his team was “delinquent” in not alerting authorities that Russian operatives had reached out with offers of assistance even if the campaign didn’t actually act on those offers.

In recent weeks, Mrs. Pelosi has turned her party away from impeachment, arguing that there needs to be a strong case of evidence from either the special counsel or their own congressional investigations.

On Thursday, she reiterated that Democrats should still not focus on impeachment but said there’s still plenty of room to investigate the president and the administration, and to review the Mueller probe’s work.