Fitness trainers want to teach you how to move

August 24, 2018

The Gain Train doesn’t need machines, because your body is the machine.

That’s the philosophy of Beatriz Escobedo-Bethel and Ian Bethel, who opened their gym, The Gain Train, in November 2017 in a former ropa usada warehouse at 254 W. Levee St. Unlike mega-gyms packed with machines designed to develop specific muscles, The Gain Train relies on essentials — barbells, rowers, rings and the like — and focuses mainly on what they call “functional fitness.”

It’s all about how to move properly, without hurting yourself, whether it’s weightlifting or merely stowing a heavy box on an overhead shelf.

“It’s like 1-on-1 training but in a class setting, so you have that access to a trainer who is experienced and they are knowledgeable in how you’re supposed to be moving, in particular functional exercises,” Ian said.

“So like sitting down, standing up. That would be a squat. Or picking something up off the floor. That would be a dead lift. Or pushing a cart — everything that’s functional. Everything that we do in everyday life.”

The goal isn’t necessarily to develop a killer physique but rather to be and feel fit, and live a better life as a result, he said. Nutrition also plays a key role in the training.

“Essentially, our goal is to help people achieve longevity,” Ian said.

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The Gain Train

254 W. Levee St.

(956) 203-8865

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