Valley Byliners to hold workshop for aspiring authors

January 28, 2019

HARLINGEN — Award winning Alaska author Laurel Downing Bill has been preparing for her Feb. 9, all-day workshop here in Harlingen, despite continued earthquakes and aftershocks in her home state.

Her history speaks for itself. She has written and marketed her books successfully and has a regular program on Alaskan television. She also has been featured in national broadcasts.

This will be her third time giving a workshop in Harlingen.

Her Blueprint for Authorpreneurs Writing Workshop sponsored by the Rio Grande Valley Byliners will focus on those ready to take their writing to the next level. She will share tips and secrets that can “turn your words into profits.”

Like many authors Bill was attracted to writing by family history.

“ Aunt Phil’s Trunk” was inspired from a treasure trove of articles, research and rare books about Alaska that Bill inherited from her late historian aunt, Phyllis Downing Carlson. Carlson, who died in 1993, wrote award-winning stories about Alaska’s colorful past. And after sifting through a plethora of yellowed pages, newspaper clippings and carefully cutout magazine articles written by Carlson, Bill knew she had to share the stories with the rest of the world.

She spent several years culling the stories and adding her own to dovetail those written by her aunt. She also pored over archives at universities, libraries and museums to find just the right photographs to help tell the tales.

Bill’s five-volume Alaska history series, “Aunt Phil’s Trunk,” has received high accolades from media across Alaska and international recognition.