Longmont Police K-9 Association Raises Money for Police Dog’s Second Surgery

April 12, 2018 GMT

Rudi, who has been with the public safety department for two years, reopened a wound while exercising, according to Officer Walter Arvisais.

He was taken to Aspen Meadows Veterinary Specialists for emergency surgery, which is expected to cost about $20,000. The K-9 Association has set up a GoFundMe page to help cover some of Rudi’s medical bills, which had raised more than $5,500 by Thursday morning. Donations can also be sent to the department via mail, with attention to the Longmont Police K-9 Association.

A K-9 has never gotten hurt to this extent before, Arvisais said.

Rudi punctured his stomach on March 26 when he jumped over a chain-link fence while chasing a suspect wanted on felony charges, Arvisais said.

“But he never showed any signs of weakness,” he said.

Rudi continued to track the suspect and led police to her front door, where they were able to make a peaceful arrest.

The first surgery sutured Rudi’s intestines and stitched up his wound, costing $4,500, of which a citizen paid $1,000. He was out of work for two weeks after, and had only been back for four days when his wound opened.

“We have no explanation as to why,” Arvisais said.

During the surgery, two feet of Rudi’s intestines were removed and he received a blood transfusion. He will be monitored at the veterinary hospital for up to four more days to ensure he doesn’t get an infection. The veterinarians expect he will make a full recovery, Arvisais said.

Rudi will be out of work for at least six weeks, during which time Longmont police will use its other K-9, Vetti, and work with other agencies as needed.

Madeline St. Amour: 303-684-5212, mstamour@prairiemountainmedia.com