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12 days, 11 states, one Beast Burger food trailer

May 24, 2019 GMT

Kelly Davis knew he couldn’t work in the woods forever after 37 years clearing trees, so he and his wife Marcy Davis opened Beast Burgers in Glide.

He is helping people “get their beast on” with burgers made of Kobe beef, elk, buffalo, wild boar and regular beef but also makes what he and his wife consider the perfect combination of fruit for their milkshakes.

“I’ve always thought about a food trailer or an ice cream truck,” Kelly Davis said. “I got hurt in the woods a couple times and it’s gotten to the point where I didn’t feel safe enough or I couldn’t move fast enough to get out of the way, so we decided to get a food trailer.”


He has a triple patty burger called the Beast Burger that’s made of Kobe beef, elk and buffalo patties.

“People buy it all the time to get their beast on,” Davis said. “It takes a big boy to take one of them on.”

He and his daughter drove for 12 days across 11 states to pick up the trailer in Georgia.

“It was a better deal over there than it was here even by driving here,” Davis said.

He said he drove through lots of small towns with his timber cutting company and always sought out the little, local food trucks wherever he went.

“I’ve always wanted to do this and burgers are my favorite food,” Davis said. “When I travel, I always look for the back road small town kind of burger joint because usually those are always the best. I wanted to try to be one of those people.”

He put his trailer where Little Pizza Paradise trailer was before the owners moved into a permanent building just across the highway.

“I don’t think I want to get bigger,” Davis said. “It’s a possibility, but I’m kind of hoping not. I thought it would be nice and slow going into this but it’s been pretty busy.”