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Judge Gives Man Maximum Term For Vandalism of Jewish Temple

January 13, 1989

DALLAS (AP) _ A white-supremacist ″skinhead″ raised his arm in a Nazi salute after a judge gave him the maximum, 10 years in prison, for vandalizing a synagogue.

Judge Joe Kendall on Thursday also fined 19-year-old Daniel Wood $5,000. He was convicted of criminal mischief for the Oct. 8 incident at Temple Shalom.

″It’s not illegal to hate, but it is illegal to act on that hatred,″ the judge told Wood, who testified he was a member of the Ku Klux Klan.

After hearing the sentence, Wood gave Kendall a raised-arm salute. Wood’s attorney, Larry Boyd, explained that his client was ″very hurt″ and added, ″I’m sure it was just an immature, emotional reaction.″

Wood admitted during the trial that he and two friends spray painted anti- Semitic slogans and swastikas on the synagogue, but he renounced the philosophy of hate and said he hd ″gotten rid of most of those beliefs.″

Wood also pleaded guilty to three other incidents of criminal mischief involving a Jewish community center, an Islamic mosque and the breaking of the car windshield of a racially mixed couple.

Temple Shalom’s senior rabbi, Kenneth Roseman, said Wood’s Nazi salute proved the sentence was appropriate. ″He obviously is not a repentant person,″ Roseman said.