Ruby Rose has crushes on Gigi and Bella Hadid

December 19, 2017 GMT

Ruby Rose has admitted she has a crush on both Gigi and Bella Hadid.

The 31-year-old actress has revealed that her top celebrity crushes include the two model sisters Gigi, 22, and Bella, 21, as she finds them “stupidly beautiful”.

She said: “They’re so stupidly beautiful and so stupidly nice.”

The ‘Pitch Perfect 3’ actress identifies as gender fluid - meaning she doesn’t see herself as overly female or male - and has said that when she was growing up, she didn’t know the term existed, and so had confusions about her gender identity.

She said: “When I was really young, my own understanding was that you had to be either a boy or a girl and I didn’t feel like I fit the mold of a girl.”

In 2015, Ruby was cast as Stella Carlin in the Netflix series ‘Orange Is The New Black’, which helped catapult her into the spotlight, and since then, the star has always been mindful of her influence on other people.

She told Self magazine: “I definitely always keep in mind that what I do is going to influence other people, young or old, whatever, I want to make sure that the person they look up to is the same person that they looked up to in the beginning.”

Meanwhile, the beauty - who is currently dating singer Jessica Origliasso - recently admitted she would love to have at least two kids in the future but says that is not on the cards right now as she would want to be close to her family when she has one of her own.

She said: “I’m a romantic and when I was younger my head would go straight to marriage and family. Those relationships didn’t work out but they were amazing, so there are no hard feelings. I don’t know [about marriage]. I know that we love each other very much and we’re inseparable. We both cook. I’m better at side dishes and she does the whole meal - I don’t have the patience for that ...

“I have always wanted kids but I couldn’t raise my children far away from my mum and my grandparents. I’m not ready to do that now. I’ve just started in film and I’m getting amazing opportunities, but eventually I would like to move to somewhere in Australia by the beach, have a couple of kids and ten animals. That would be the dream.”