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Easier to talk about hemorrhoids than politics

August 27, 2018 GMT

Jim Shea’s column (What to blame for killing small talk) gave me a real chuckle.

He was spot-on in addressing the issue of knowing WHAT to say to WHO to avoid stepping on a land mine. I once made a comment along the lines of, “Can’t we just love those who look differently, live differently, think differently, and vote differently from us?” I got blasted with a resounding “NO! We can’t love them!” from my left-leaning friends.

When I mentioned that I enjoy hanging with my friends spanning the complete spectrum of political, spiritual, and sexual identities, I got blasted with condemnation from my right-leaning friends.

So, perhaps it’s better to confine our small talk to the Yankees/Red Sox rivalry. Or to the state of one’s hemorrhoids.

Lori McHugh