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Oneida County auditing wages at sheriff’s office

January 9, 2019 GMT

MALAD -- Oneida County Sheriff Arnie Jones said his office has requested an independent audit to review calculations regarding overtime and comp hours paid to employees.

Jones said some of his employees asked the county prosecutor to review how the office had been calculating comp time and overtime to make sure payments were correct.

Jones said the apparent confusion has to do with what payment rates are appropriate for specific pay period lengths.

“Labor laws are complicated and law enforcement are in our own ballgame,” Jones said.

Jones emphasized there have been no allegations or investigations pertaining to criminal activities.


Oneida County Clerk Lon Colton’s department is in charge of county payroll. Colton said the county’s financial audits are done by Searle, Hart & Associates, based in Idaho Falls, and that firm has been asked to conduct the payroll audit for the sheriff’s office.

Colton said he started gathering documents to conduct his own audit and spoke about the issue with the Oneida County Commission. Commissioners opted to hire Searle, Hart and Associates.