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Sound Off Leigh Cataudo Where is a good place to set your roots in Fairfield County?

January 28, 2019

First and foremost, buyers and renters should be financially sensible. A mortgage (with taxes) or rent is a given, but what does this monthly payment really encompass? What amenities are included in this area? Do residents have access to a beach? Pool? Golf? Tennis? Parks? What town-wide services are provided? Snow plowing? Garbage removal? If additional monthly costs are necessary to be comfortable, make sure this is a practical location to consider.

While finances should be a driving factor, house hunters should also make a list of what is important to them. Such aspects to note are:

The commute: How will your commute be impacted? Is there public transportation? If your means of getting to work are changing, how does this change your monthly commute cost?

Town conveniences: Find out the proximity to the grocery store, gym, doctors, town amenities, public transportation, schools, restaurants, theaters and parks. Does the town offer everything you need? If not, are you willing to go to another neighboring town to find them?

The community: Are there community events that you are looking for in a town and will it match your lifestyle? Will you be comfortable here?

Schools: What are the public schools like in this area? In addition to solid academics, what do the schools offer its students in terms of sports, clubs, theater and additional opportunities of interest for a variety of individuals?

Most importantly, spend some time in each town or city of interest. Test out the commute, take a tour of the schools, enjoy some of the restaurants and coffee bars, walk around the town and talk to residents. In addition, Facebook groups are a terrific resource. Really try to get a feel for what it’s like to live in the town or city you like.

Choosing a place to set roots is a big decision, but knowing what’s important to you and your lifestyle will help guarantee an enjoyable future.

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