Kristin Cavallari putting career first

July 3, 2018 GMT

Kristin Cavallari is putting her career first.

The ‘Hills’ star has firmly told her husband Jay Cutler that it’s now time for him to make sacrifices because she has given up so much for him and his career.

Asking Jay what he does all day now he’s retired from American football, he quipped: “I like to keep myself pretty free, so if something does pop up, bounce right into it.”

His response prompted Kristen to ask if he was “100 percent done with football”, to which he admitted he couldn’t give an answer until the season starts again.

Speaking on her new reality show ‘Very Cavallari’, Kristin told him: “You have to realise how many sacrifices I have had to make over eight football seasons that we’ve been together,” Kristin insists. “So now, you need to support what I have going on. This is my football, this is my turn.”

Kristin’s comments come after she admitted she put a “lot of work” into her relationship.

She said: “Honestly, I think communication and it’s so much easier said than done. I know that Jay and I have to make a conscious effort. You have to put in work for a relationship. You can’t just get complacent and lazy. You have to still value and appreciate the other person. I think that when you don’t that’s probably when you start to get in trouble. And, I mean, we have our issues. Our relationship isn’t perfect. But we love each other and we work on it and we make a conscious choice to work on the relationship and I think that that’s what you just have to do.”