George Conway accuses Donald Trump of witness tampering

December 3, 2018 GMT

George Conway, husband to Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway, accused President Trump Monday of violating witness tampering laws.

During a Twitter tear on the Mueller investigation, Mr. Trump cheered on former campaign adviser Roger Stone for resisting to work with the special counsel’s team.

″ ‘I will never testify against Trump.’ This statement was recently made by Roger Stone, essentially stating that he will not be forced by a rogue and out of control prosecutor to make up lies and stories about ‘President Trump,’ ” the president tweeted, “Nice to know that some people still have ‘guts!’ ”


Mr. Conway, a vocal critic of his wife’s boss, shared the tweet and added, “File under ’18 U.S.C. 1503, 1512.′ ”

The two laws Mr. Conway referred to regarded influencing jurors and witness tampering, respectively.

In addition to potential collusion with Russia, the special counsel’s team is reportedly looking into a possible obstruction of justice case against Mr. Trump, part of which would focus on his Twitter feed.