‘They took off’: Man’s handicap van, wheelchair damaged in hit-and-run crash

March 5, 2019 GMT

A former Raleigh police officer living with multiple sclerosis (MS) is without his handicap van and wheelchair following a car crash last week.

The van and wheelchair were damaged in a hit-and-run crash on Friday near at the intersection of Creedmoor and Vernon Church roads.

“It was a complete hit and run. We never saw anything outside of the RV,” said Teresa Luedtke.

Luedtke’s husband, AJ Leudtke, had to turn in his badge years ago after a MS diagnosis.

The van that was donated to them back in 2017. It is specially equipped for people with disabilities, and on Friday, it was damaged beyond repair.


Now, they are waiting to see if insurance money can help.

“So, we’ll just have to see what they’ll provide for us. If we have to financially put forth that money we do not have it,” she said.

Leudtke says she feel blessed to be alive, but when she looks at the van it’s a hard pill to swallow.

“It is infuriating to me that someone could have the audacity to do such a thing,” Leudtke said. “And the people who did it you? We have no idea. They took off. They kept going.”