Five interesting facts about musical instruments

May 22, 2019

Buy one today

Each May 22, or today on the 2019 calendar, brings us National Buy A Musical Instrument Day. You don’t have to go far, or to the internet, to make such a purchase as there are some quality, locally owned stores in Kankakee County.

Who’s in the family?

Commonly recognized families of instruments include: brass, strings, woodwind, percussion and keyboard.

The drums talked

Talking drums were used in Africa for centuries to transmit messages over long distances by mimicking speech. When these were brought to America during the slave trade, they were banned because they were being used by the slaves to communicate over long distances in a code unknown to their enslavers.

Music the best medicine?

An increasingly common method for brain surgeons to ensure that a semi-conscious patient is OK during surgery is to have them play a musical instrument or sing during the procedure.

Many parts to a piano

A piano has 7,500 working parts, and if even one of those parts is not fully functional, the piano could go out of tune.

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