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IN Lottery

May 3, 2019

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) _ These Indiana lotteries were drawn Thursday:


(thirteen, twenty-three, thirty-two, thirty-five, forty-five)

Estimated jackpot: $85,000

06-10-16-36-45, Cash Ball: 2

(six, ten, sixteen, thirty-six, forty-five; Cash Ball: two)

01-04-07-14-16-18-23-31-38-40-41-45-47-49-50-55-56-63-68-79, BE: 45

(one, four, seven, fourteen, sixteen, eighteen, twenty-three, thirty-one, thirty-eight, forty, forty-one, forty-five, forty-seven, forty-nine, fifty, fifty-five, fifty-six, sixty-three, sixty-eight, seventy-nine; BE: forty-five)

1-2-0, SB: 1

(one, two, zero; SB: one)

7-1-0, SB: 3

(seven, one, zero; SB: three)

6-7-0-9, SB: 1

(six, seven, zero, nine; SB: one)

5-6-3-5, SB: 3

(five, six, three, five; SB: three)

01-06-10-12-14-17-20-21-31-42-46-49-52-53-63-64-72-73-77-80, BE: 21

(one, six, ten, twelve, fourteen, seventeen, twenty, twenty-one, thirty-one, forty-two, forty-six, forty-nine, fifty-two, fifty-three, sixty-three, sixty-four, seventy-two, seventy-three, seventy-seven, eighty; BE: twenty-one)

Estimated jackpot: $252 million

Estimated jackpot: $199 million

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