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Waupun’s Madison Street back on track: Street reconstruction to be completed by Dec. 1

April 29, 2019 GMT

WAUPUN -- One of Waupun’s most daunting street projects is well underway, thanks to the foresight of the Waupun City Council, the Public Works Department and a whole lot of potholes.

Madison Street (both north and south) was last reconstructed more than a half-century ago, although a portion of stone storm sewer has long been known to exist and many repairs have been made over time. Regardless of the age of the roadway, however, the time for a major reconstruction is long overdue.

“Different parts were done in different phases,” said Waupun Director of Public Works Jeff Daane. “There was some old concrete in the middle portions of it that was overlaid with blacktop. It has definitely been quite a stretch of years since that has been done.”


The street’s deplorable condition has kept it at the top of the city’s reconstruction list, although planning has taken several years. In anticipation of the high cost of the project, the city council last year raised the tax levy to help keep up with future street projects. Despite that planning, however, it has always been accepted that Madison Street would require some long-term borrowing.

Other funding has also been pursued, with a $250,000 grant obtained through the Department of Transportation’s Local Roads and Improvement fund.

The low bid of $5.7 million from Ptaschinski Construction of Beaver Dam was recently accepted for North and South Madison Street, from the bridge over the Rock River through the Lincoln Street intersection.

This year’s project begins with the north section of the road from the bridge to Main Street (set to be completed by early August). According to Daane, there will be an overlap where both North and South Madison Street will be closed at the same time. South Madison Street will be started in early to mid-June, and is set to be completed around Dec. 1.

Utility work is currently underway, and will be covered by the concrete roadway deemed appropriate for all collector (high traffic) streets. Bike lanes are included in the plan — to make streets more bike-friendly and to accommodate kids who bike to school and back. New curb, gutter and sidewalk are also included.

“Madison Street does get a lot of school and business traffic, not to mention the correctional system traffic,” Daane said. “When the road is done, we are going to have the truck route moved over on Industrial Street over to Watertown Street. With the new truck stop and a future soybean processing plant, there’s going to be a lot of truck traffic there.”


The Wild Goose Cafe and Heritage Travel Mart is now open at 1705 Shaler Drive, and plans for a soybean plant in the nearby industrial park are still in the works.

Thanks to another Department of Transportation grant of $950,000, Madison Street between Lincoln Street and Doty Street will be completed in 2021, finishing Madison Street from one end to the other.

Some gas lines are now being replaced on South Madison Street, to avoid congestion when other utility work begins.

There have been no real surprises, and despite a couple rain days, work has been steadily moving forward. Spring flooding preceded construction.

“The engineer on site said we’re on schedule and hopefully we have a good summer to get this project done,” Daane said. “It has all been going well, and we hope that continues through completion.”

Mill and overlay projects (grinding and resurfacing) will start around mid-August to mid-September, Daane said. Seymour Street — off Mayfair and Taft streets -- is also under construction, with sidewalk, curb and gutter already in place.

“We’re hoping to have blacktop installed there by mid-May or early June,” Daane said.

“We’re getting a lot of projects done this summer, and this will help us catch up with the comprehensive street plan.”