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Expanded dialysis clinic to bring dialysis closer to patients’ homes

The JournalNovember 7, 2016

NEW ULM - An expanded dialysis clinic is coming to New Ulm next year for patients suffering from kidney failure.

DaVita, a company that provides dialysis services, is opening a new clinic on Broadway in the Family Video building at 701 N. Broadway.

Family Video is still open. It owns the building and is renting out the space for the clinic.

Family Video has decreased the size of its own operations to make room for the clinic.

The company is acquiring the Mayo system dialysis clinic currently operating in the New Ulm Medical Center to expand dialysis services in New Ulm.

“We will be running 12 in-center stations and currently they only have six, so this should allow more people from the New Ulm area to dialyze closer to their homes,” Facility Administrator Brittany Winters said.

Bring dialysis closer to patients’ homes can be critical for the quality of their healthcare.

“Dialysis is a huge time commitment, we kind of equate it to having a job,” Winters said. “It is three times a week, anywhere from three to four hours at a time, which is already a huge commitment out of your day and then when these patients are having to spend time traveling, sometimes over an hour, to the nearest center that can accommodate them it just really creates an unnecessary burden on them.”

Dialysis is a treatment used by patients with failing or failed kidneys to filter out toxins in the blood.

Sometimes a patient can suffer acute renal failure, which is a temporary and sudden failure of their kidneys and can need dialysis as well.

DaVita hopes to have the clinic up and running by early 2017.

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