NFN8 Media, Innovator of U.S. Based Blockchain Equipment, Adds a Proprietary Profit Center to the “Secret Sauce”

November 20, 2019 GMT

Austin, TX - ( NewMediaWire ) - November 20, 2019 - After three years of proving what so many in the financial media have been talking about, NFN8 Media’s secret sauce of revenue production, as well as providing cash flow for equipment owners, has been validated once again. When one of the news interviewers commented to Steven Greene, NFN8’s Executive Vice President, “I guess you guys found the secret sauce,” she didn’t realize how prophetic her comments were. Being featured in hundreds of financial publications and on TV is one thing; delivering consistent monthly cash flow for equipment owner clients is another.

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The NFN8 CEO, Josh Moore, has just announced an addition to its suite of proprietary software systems. Moore stated he was excited to have developed the DigiAsset Autoledger™, a financial system that accounts for Blockchain business operations, allows companies to accurately track minute by minute transactions, easily prepare financial books, and appropriately prepare yearly taxes. He added, “We needed this type of software. We couldn’t find what we needed on the market so we developed it ourselves. It is working remarkably well for us. Since there is a need in the market, we see an opportunity to offer it for sale to other companies.”

Execs at NFN8 Media confirm they will not offer their existing proprietary computer maintenance, trading, and analyzation platforms for sale. However, they feel the market for the DigiAsset Autoledger™ is potentially so large, that they anticipate taking advantage of this substantial potential profit center early in 2020.

To date, NFN8 has achieved significant growth without selling any interest in the company or taking on debt. The company doesn’t offer shares, borrow from banks, offer notes, or sell crypto-assets. NFN8 simply sells interested individuals the same specialized computer equipment it uses to harness the new blockchain financial system. The purchaser buys the computer system, receives a bill of sale, equipment list, and serial numbers. The company procures and assembles the equipment, then loads it with custom company created software and places it in U.S. based, Tier 3, secure data centers, right alongside the company-owned equipment. The exciting part is that the same day the equipment is purchased by the individual, the company arranges a five-year lease for the equipment. Everything is completely managed for the purchaser, who owns 100% of his/her equipment.  The monthly lease payment equals 27% of the purchase price on an annualized basis. The lease fees are direct deposited into client bank accounts. At the end of the lease, the equipment is purchased back at the same price paid originally.

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