Lives Lost

Hannah Ahlers

Hannah Ahlers, a mother of three, was with her husband of 17 years when she was killed at the concert, according to the newspaper in Redlands, California, where she grew up. 

Her father-in-law, Dave Ahlers, told the Redlands Daily Facts that she was a "great mom and family person." 

Ahlers lived in Beaumont with her husband, Brian Ahlers, and three children, ages 3, 11 and 14. She was a stay-at-home mom and "was amazing at it," Brian Ahlers said in a statement sent to the newspaper. 

Oct. 06, 2017

Heather Warino Alvarado

Heather Warino Alvarado made the three-hour drive from her southern Utah home to Las Vegas to get away for the weekend and take her daughter to a country music festival. 

Her daughter was unharmed in the Sunday night shooting, but the 35-year-old Warino Alvarado was one of at least 59 people killed when a gunman opened fire at the concert-goers. 

Friends and family received confirmation she had died Monday night from Las Vegas police, according to a news release Tuesday from the Cedar City Fire Department, where her husband was a firefighter. 

Oct. 04, 2017

Carrie Barnette

Carrie Barnette, 34, was a Disneyland food service worker who never lost her sense of wonder for things like hummingbirds, according to her friends and family. 

Barnette, of Riverside, California, was part of the culinary team at Disney California Adventure for 10 years. 

Disney Chairman and CEO Robert Iger said in a statement that she was "beloved by her friends and colleagues." 

Oct. 05, 2017

Jack Beaton

Laurie Beaton was at the festival with her husband Jack celebrating their 23rd wedding anniversary when they heard what sounded like firecrackers. Like everyone around her, she was looking around to see who was lighting them when she felt something like air rush past her arm. 

"I've never experienced gunshots but when I felt air go right past my arm I told my husband, 'I don't think that's fireworks,'" she said in a telephone interview from her home in Bakersfield, California. 

Oct. 05, 2017

Steven Berger

Steven Berger, of Shorewood, Minnesota, traveled to Las Vegas as he had many times before with his friends, but this time they would celebrate his 44th birthday. 

A fan of country music, Berger and his roommate along with four others were enjoying the Jason Aldean show near the Las Vegas strip when the rain of bullets began from the 32nd floor of a nearby hotel. 

Mary Berger, 72, of Brookfield, Wisconsin, said her son's roommate called hours later to tell them Steven had been hit by gunfire and collapsed to the ground. 

Oct. 04, 2017

Candice Bowers

Candice Bowers of Garden Grove, California, was a tough-minded single mother of three with a loud, infectious laugh. Her family said she worked as a waitress and was spending some much-needed time off at the concert. The huge Jason Aldean fan was very excited to be there. 

She was also celebrating a personal milestone: Bowers had just finished a yearslong process to adopt a 2-year-old daughter. 

Oct. 06, 2017

Denise Burditus

While the sun was still shining Sunday at the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas, Denise Burditus posted a photo on Facebook of herself and her husband standing in front of the stage, smiling broadly. 

Later, after news of the massacre spread, a friend asked simply: "Are you two ok????" 

Burditus never replied. 

MetroNews, a West Virginia-based radio network, reported that Tony Burditus wrote on his Facebook page that his wife was among the victims. 

Oct. 05, 2017

Sandy Casey

Sandy Casey, a middle school special education teacher living in Redondo Beach, California, was killed in Sunday night's attack, the school district and a relative said. 

"This is unbelievably tragic and sad," Mike Matthews, superintendent of the Manhattan Beach School District, wrote in a Monday morning letter to the district. "This loss is impacting many of our staff members deeply." 

Oct. 05, 2017

Andrea Castilla

Andrea Castilla was so happy to be in Las Vegas celebrating her 28th birthday. She was holding hands with her sister while watching the band when they heard yells to "duck!" and the sound of gunshots, her aunt, Marina Parker, wrote on a GoFundMe memorial page to raise money for the funeral expenses. 

Her boyfriend, sister and friend tried carrying her to safety while dodging bullets and managed to get her over a fence and to a nearby highway, where they flagged down a passing driver, who took them to a hospital in the back of his truck. 

Oct. 05, 2017

Denise Cohen

As Jeff Rees thinks about his mom, Denise Cohen, one thing keeps repeating in his head: Her laugh. 

"When she would take me to the movies as a kid, I was just waiting to hear her laugh because it would just crack me up," Rees said. 

Cohen, 58, and her boyfriend Derrick "Bo" Taylor, 56, both died at the Las Vegas concert. Taylor was a lieutenant in the California Department of Correction and Rehabilitation. He worked as a commander at the Ventura Conservation Camp, which houses inmates that help California fight wildfires. 

Oct. 05, 2017

Austin Davis

Austin Davis, 29, and his parents had a bond "unlike anything I've ever witnessed," Davis's friend Katelyn Hood wrote in an online fundraising post. 

He was their only son. As soon as news came that he may have been shot, they headed straight from their home in Riverside, California, to Las Vegas. They waited for 20 hours before learning that he had been killed, Hood wrote. 

"They raised the best son," Hood wrote. "He worked so very hard and took the most pride in that and anything he did." 

Oct. 05, 2017

Thomas Day Jr.

Thomas Day Jr. was a big country music fan, so there was no doubt he'd go to the Route 91 Harvest festival in Las Vegas, and that he'd take his whole family with him. 

Day, 54, of Corona, California, was one of 59 people killed by a gunman who sprayed the concert with bullets from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. 

"He was just a fun-loving boy, a great family man who loved to spend time with his family," said Thomas Day Sr. who spoke on the phone, surrounded by his son's four grown children at his Las Vegas area home. 

Oct. 03, 2017

Christiana Duarte

Christiana Duarte, 22, had just taken her first job, working in marketing for the Los Angeles Kings after graduating from the University of Arizona. 

"It's just so tragic that this evil, evil man would do this, would just destroy the life of this beautiful young woman," said family spokeswoman Danette Myers, a co-worker of Duarte's father at the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office. "She would've given so much to this world, and now that's been cut short." 

Duarte was the only daughter in a well-known Los Angeles family. Her father, Michael Duarte, is a deputy district attorney, and her older brother, also Michael, is a prospect for the Chicago White Sox baseball team, Myers said.

Oct. 05, 2017

Stacee Etcheber

Stacee Etcheber of Novato, California, was listed as missing for hours before her family received word that the mother of two was dead.

At the concert, her husband told her to hide, then to run, as he helped a concertgoer next to him who was shot, said Al Etcheber, her brother-in-law. 

Her husband, Vincent Etcheber, is a San Francisco police officer, and his training kicked in immediately when shots rang out, Al Etcheber said. 

Oct. 03, 2017

Brian Fraser

Brian Fraser, a father of four, was moving toward the stage in anticipation of Jason Aldean playing his favorite song, "Dirt Road Anthem," when gunshots rang out. 

While others around him ducked for safety, Fraser looked around to try to spot where the shots were coming from, so that he could shield his wife. He died doing just that, his son, Nick Arellano, said. 

Oct. 04, 2017

Keri Lynn Galvan

Keri Lynn Galvan was at the Route 91 Harvest Festival with her husband, Justin, when she was killed, sister Lindsey Poole said in a statement. Her husband survived. 

"She was senselessly murdered ... while enjoying a night out with her husband and friends," Poole wrote. 

Galvan, 31, of Thousand Oaks, California, leaves behind children 2, 4 and 10 years old. 

Oct. 04, 2017

Dana Gardner

Dana Gardner was attending the music festival with her daughter Kayla when the gunfire erupted. Gardner was shot and killed; her daughter was uninjured, according to KABC-TV in Los Angeles. 

Gardner, 52, of Grand Terrace, California, was a deputy recorder in the San Bernardino County Assessor-Recorder's Office. She'd held a job there since 1991, according to David Wert, a county spokesman. 

She had two other children, sons Anthony and Ryan, and lived with her little white dog, Ellie. 

Oct. 04, 2017

Angela "Angie" Gomez

Angela "Angie" Gomez was a hard worker who always challenged herself academically, according to a statement from California's Riverside Unified School District. 

Gomez graduated from Riverside Poly High School in 2015, where she was a cheerleader. She died in the shooting. 

School staff remember Gomez as a "fun-loving young lady with a great sense of humor," the district said. Gomez participated in the Riverside Children's Theater and was involved in choir. 

Oct. 04, 2017

Rocio Guillen

Californian Rocio Guillen was a mother of four — two older boys, and two babies ages 18 months and two months. 

Guillen, 40, was fatally shot in the hail of bullets at the Route 91 music festival, according to a statement on a website raising donations for her family. 

"She was a hard worker," Marcus Guillen told KNBC in Los Angeles. "She was a fighter, a great mother. 

Oct. 04, 2017

Charleston Hartfield

Off-duty Las Vegas police officer and youth football coach Charleston Hartfield was among those killed, two of his friends said. 

Hartfield, 34, was known as a selfless, respected leader who brought out the best in his players, said Stan King, whose son played football for Hartfield. 

Oct. 03, 2017

Chris Hazencomb

Chris Hazencomb, 44, of Camarillo, California, was a big sports fan. His mother, Maryanne Hazencomb, told the Ventura County Star she had him taken off a ventilator at 10:50 a.m. Monday. 

Hazencomb was struck in the head while shielding his best friend's wife from bullets, his mother said. 

He loved watching professional wrestling on TV every Monday night "even though it's phony," Maryanne Hazencomb told the newspaper. He also loved football and followed the Los Angeles Rams. 

Oct. 04, 2017

Jennifer Topaz Irvine

Jennifer Topaz Irvine, a 42-year-old San Diego lawyer, was "bright, brilliant and could talk to millennials," her publicist Jay Jones said. 

When Jones heard that Irvine was among those killed at the Las Vegas concert, he said it was "like an atomic bomb went off in my heart. I just got punched dead in the gut." 

Oct. 05, 2017

Nicol Kimura

Nicol Kimura, 38, went to the festival with a group of seven men and women who call themselves "framily" — friends who are like family. She was fatally shot seconds after the gunfire began, said Ryan Miller, a businessman and pastor who is part of the group. 

A Southern California native who lived in Placentia, Kimura's survivors include her parents, a sister and the friends who were with her when she died. She was single and didn't have children, but she was treated like family by the kids of group members, Miller said. 

Oct. 04, 2017

Jessica Klymchuk

Jessica Klymchuk of Valleyview, Alberta, was among the several Canadians killed. 

Klymchuk, 28, was a mother of four who lived in the northwestern Alberta town of Valleyview, where she worked as an educational assistant, librarian and bus driver at an area Catholic school. 

A family friend has set up a crowdfunding page to support Klymchuk's children. 

Oct. 06, 2017

Carly Kreibaum

Carly Kreibaum lived in tiny Sutherland, Iowa, with a population of fewer than 620 people. She went to bustling Las Vegas with friends. 

Kreibaum's sister-in-law confirmed her death but declined to comment further, saying the family wanted privacy. 

The Sioux City Journal reported that Kreibaum, 33, attended the concert with two friends who said they got separated but saw Kreibaum get shot. 

Oct. 04, 2017

Rhonda LeRocque

Priscilla Champagne on Tuesday described 42-year-old Rhonda LeRocque to reporters as a kindhearted woman with a "beautiful life." 

LeRocque had attended the concert Sunday with her husband and their 6-year-old daughter. LeRocque's daughter was taken back to their hotel before the shooting occurred. 

Champagne, who is LeRocque's mother, says LeRocque's husband, Jason, was next to her when she fell. He had thought she was ducking but she did not get up. 

Oct. 03, 2017

Victor Link

Victor Link was doing one of the things he most enjoyed with the person he most enjoyed being with — his fiancee, Lynne Gonzales — when automatic gunfire peppered a huge crowd of concertgoers at the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas. 

Link, 55, Gonzales, and two of their close friends were there to hear country music when he was shot. 

A "gentle spirit" was lost with Link's death, said his older brother, Craig Link, 58. 

Oct. 05, 2017

Jordan McIldoon

Jordan McIldoon, 23, from Maple Ridge, B.C., was among the several Canadians killed in Las Vegas. 

A relative said McIldoon would have turned 24 on Friday and was a month shy of completing a course to qualify as a heavy-duty mechanic.

Oct. 05, 2017

Kelsey Meadows

Kelsey Meadows, 28, loved children so she returned to her small hometown of Taft, in the eastern part of California, to teach at her alma mater, Taft Union High School, after earning her degree. Meadows was a regular substitute teacher at the school. 

"Kelsey was smart, compassionate and kind. She had a sweet spirit and a love for children," Taft Union High School principal, Mary Alice Finn, said in a statement. "Words cannot adequately capture the sorrow felt by her students, colleagues and friends in learning of her passing." 

Oct. 04, 2017

Calla Medig

Calla Medig, 28, who was among those who died in the mass shooting, grew up in Jasper, a town in Canada's Alberta province. 

She had taken time off from her job at Moxie's restaurant in west Edmonton to attend the Route 91 Music Festival in Las Vegas, said her boss, Scott Collingwood. 

"This had started to become an annual thing for her. I believe it was her third trip," Collingwood said. 

Oct. 06, 2017

Sonny Melton

Sonny Melton, a registered nurse, died while shielding his wife from the gunfire, a friend said.

Melton worked at The Henry County Medical Center in Paris, Tennessee. 

His wife, Dr. Heather Melton, an orthopedic surgeon, was with him when shots were fired. She told WZTV in Nashville, Tennessee, that her husband "saved my life and lost his." She said her husband was the most kind-hearted, loving man she knew. 

Oct. 03, 2017

Pati Mestas

The first time Alexis Magana drove over to her friend Brandon Mestas' house, she asked how to find it. 

"Oh, you'll know," he told her. "It's the one blasting country." 

It was Brandon's mom, Pati Mestas, who was the household's country music fanatic. Pati Mestas, 67, of California, died in Las Vegas while listening to that favorite music. Magana remembered her as someone who was "fearless and bold" and always welcoming, from that very first day they met. 

Oct. 06, 2017

Austin Meyer

It was a weekend of birthday celebrations for Austin Meyer, 24, in Las Vegas. 

Meyer, an automotive student at Truckee Meadows Community College in Nevada, was attending the concert with his fiance, Dana Getreu. 

Meyer dreamed of opening his own repair shop and starting a family, his sister, Veronica Meyer, told KSBW News. 

Oct. 06, 2017

Adrian Murfitt

Commercial fisherman Adrian Murfitt, 35, of Anchorage, Alaska, was a former competitive hockey player who still dabbled in the game. 

"His whole life was always around hockey," said his sister, Shannon Gothard

After graduating from high school, Murfitt became a fisherman, picking up odd jobs in the off season. 

He had just come off an extremely successful fishing season when he made the trip to Las Vegas with some good friends, Gothard said. 

Oct. 03, 2017

Rachael Parker

Rachael Parker was a records technician for California's Manhattan Beach Police Department. 

She and was one of four department employees attending the Route 91 Harvest Festival while off-duty, the agency said.

Parker was shot and ultimately died in the hospital, according to the department. One of the other employees suffered minor injuries. 

Oct. 03, 2017

Jenny Parks

Bobby Parks' wife was planning to throw him a 40th birthday party next week before Jenny Parks was killed at the concert, friend, Jessica Maddin said. 

The couple who were high school sweethearts have two children. Jenny Parks was a kindergarten teacher for the Lancaster School District in California. Bobby Parks was shot in the arm and hand, Maddin said. 

Maddin met Parks while working at 24 Hour Fitness. Later Parks would help Maddin who started a group, Jessica's Hope Project, that provides care packages to troops. 

Oct. 05, 2017

Carrie Parsons

Carrie Parsons was a huge fan of country singer Eric Church. 

"Night made!" she posted early Saturday on Facebook after seeing the singer at the Las Vegas country festival. 

Parsons, of Seattle, Washington, was one of the nearly 60 people who died when shots rang out at the Jason Aldean concert Sunday night. 

Oct. 06, 2017

Lisa Patterson

A few hours before the shooting, Lisa Patterson called her husband to tell him what a great time she was having with her girlfriends — one of the rare weekends she was not coaching one of her kids' softball teams or volunteering at a school or church event. 

Her husband, Bob Patterson, told his wife, a country music lover, to enjoy herself and stay for the last band, assuring her he could get their kids off to school the next morning. 

Oct. 05, 2017

John Phippen

John Phippen was a father of six who was always willing to lend an ear — or a cold beer — to a friend in need. 

"He had a heart that was larger than life and a personality to match," neighbor Leah Nagyivanyi wrote on an online fundraising page. "You felt like you knew him for years the first time you met him." 

Nagyivanyi is raising money through GoFundMe to help Phippen's children pay for his funeral. 

Oct. 04, 2017

Melissa Ramirez

Maribel Ramirez had 30 minutes to go on her shift as a receptionist in Fontana, California, and decided to log onto Facebook. That's how she learned that her 26-year-old cousin, Melissa Ramirez, had been at the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas. 

That was about 4:30 p.m. Monday. No one could find Melissa in the confusion and chaos that followed the shootings. 

"Nothing was confirmed, and we still had hope that she was alive," Maribel Ramirez told The Associated Press Tuesday. 

Oct. 04, 2017

Jordyn Rivera

Victim Jordyn Rivera was in her fourth year as a student at California State University, San Bernardino, where she made an impression on everyone from students to the president. 

University President Tomas Morales said he got to know the 21-year-old Rivera last summer in London during a study abroad program. 

"As one of her faculty members noted, we will remember and treasure her for her warmth, optimism, energy, and kindness," Morales wrote in a message to faculty and staff. 

Oct. 04, 2017

Quinton Robbins

Quinton Robbins was the big brother who coached his little brother's flag football team, the prom king who was nice to everyone regardless of their high school social standing, an outdoorsman who loved to fish and boat around the lake. 

"The kid was loved by everyone," said his uncle, Mike Wells. "He was popular in high school, but would walk up to the kid who wasn't so popular and befriend him and make him feel good." 

Oct. 03, 2017

Cameron Robinson

Cameron Robinson, 28, had been looking forward to attending the festival with his boyfriend for days, said friend and colleague Brad Jerbic. 

Robinson was a records specialist for the city of Las Vegas, and his infectious personality made him the heart of the office, Jerbic, the city attorney, said Tuesday. Robinson had moved to southern Utah about a year ago to be with boyfriend Bobby Eardley, and commuted two hours each way to work every day. 

Oct. 04, 2017

Lisa Romero

Lisa Romero, a high school secretary from Gallup, New Mexico, was an "incredible loving and sincere friend, mentor and advocate for students," the Gallup-McKinley County Public Schools interim superintendent said Monday. 

District officials confirmed to reporters on Monday that Romero, 48, was among those killed by gunman Stephen Paddock. 

"Last night during the mass shooting in Las Vegas we lost one of our staff members," interim superintendent Mike Hyatt wrote to employees. "Lisa Romero, discipline secretary at Miyamura (High School), was a victim in the shooting. Our prayers go out to her family during this tragic time." 

Oct. 05, 2017

Christopher Roybal

Christopher Roybal, 28, was described as jovial and fun-loving, despite experiencing intense combat during four tours in the Middle East. 

"He is a guy that could always put a smile on your face ... after all the stuff he had been through," said David Harman, who founded a company that owns the Colorado gym where Roybal worked. 

Roybal worked at Crunch Fitness in Corona and Riverside, California, before he moved at the beginning of the year to help open franchises in Colorado Springs. 

Oct. 04, 2017

Brett Schwanbeck

Brett Schwanbeck was hit almost immediately when the first shots were fired, his niece Carla Dawn wrote in an online fundraising page. 

Schwanbeck, 61, had been at the concert with his fiance, Anna. She found refuge in a dumpster as the shots kept coming, then ran back to Schwanbeck and begged for people to help him as soon as the shooting stopped, Dawn wrote. 

Schwanbeck was rushed to a hospital, where he fought his injuries for two days before dying Tuesday. 

Oct. 06, 2017

Bailey Schweitzer

A one-time high school cheerleader who loved country music, Bailey Schweitzer of Bakersfield, California, went to the Route 91 Harvest Festival to see some of her favorite acts. 

A day after the 20-year-old's death, co-workers at the software company where she worked held a vigil. Friends and colleagues gazed at white candles lit in her memory Monday night. 

Oct. 03, 2017

Laura Shipp

Laura Shipp raised her son Corey by herself, then moved to Las Vegas from Thousand Oaks, California, a few years ago to be closer to him. Both were country music fans, and they went to Route 91 Harvest Festival together, said Laura Shipp’s mother, Joyce Shipp. 

They were together until just before gunman opened fire Sunday night. 

"We really don't know what happened, just that she went to the bathroom and nobody saw her after that," Joyce Shipp said of her 50-year-old daughter, a dispatcher at an air conditioner company. 

Oct. 04, 2017

Erick Silva

Erick Silva, 21, was working as a private security guard at the music festival when he was killed while trying to help people get out of the venue safely. 

His close friend, Martin Adrian Marin Jr., said he was not surprised Silva died helping others. "He would give the shirt off his back to comfort anyone," Marin said. "He was such a courageous man." 

Marin has saved the last text message Silva sent to him that Sunday morning, before going to work at the festival. 

Oct. 04, 2017

Tara Roe Smith

Tara Roe Smith, who was 34 and lived in Okotoks, Alberta, was in Las Vegas with her husband, Zach, for a weekend getaway. 

Her aunt, Val Rodgers, says Roe Smith, a mother of two, died when a gunman open fire on the crowd from the window of a hotel on Sunday night. 

"She was a beautiful soul. She was a wonderful mother and our family is going to miss her dearly," Rodgers said when contacted at her home in Brandon, Manitoba, on Tuesday.

Oct. 05, 2017

Susan Smith

Vista Fundamental Elementary in Simi Valley, California, is large as schools go with 681 kindergarteners through sixth graders and receptionist Susan Smith was in the center of it all. 

"She's the hub," Simi Valley Unified School District spokeswoman Jake Finch told The Associated Press Tuesday. "She supported the principal, taking care of the many things that happen in the school. She was patient. She was kind, especially with the kids. Even when it was chaotic she would smile." 

Oct. 05, 2017

Brennan Stewart

Country music was nearly everything to victim Brennan Stewart, who rarely missed a chance to hear it performed live, according to a statement from his family. 

The 30-year-old musician from Las Vegas played guitar and wrote his own songs. He always put others first, even in his final moments when he used his body to shield his girlfriend from the gunfire, according to his family. 

He was an Atlanta Braves and San Francisco 49ers fan and let his family know what they meant to him. 

Oct. 05, 2017

Derrick "Bo" Taylor

Derrick "Bo" Taylor, 56, and his girlfriend Denise Cohen both died at the Las Vegas concert. 

Taylor was a lieutenant in the California Department of Correction and Rehabilitation. He worked as a commander at the Ventura Conservation Camp, which houses inmates that help California fight wildfires. 

The two had dated on and off for several years.

Oct. 05, 2017

Neysa Tonks

Neysa Tonks' employer remembered her as a "great mother, colleague and friend." 

The 46-year-old mother of three boys worked for the Las Vegas office of Technologent Inc., which offers technology solutions to companies. She was killed in the shooting rampage at the concert. 

"Neysa has brought so much joy, fun and laughter to Technologent — she will be greatly missed by all!" said a statement posted by the California-based company. 

Oct. 05, 2017

Michelle Vo

Michelle Vo, 32, was the youngest of four siblings in a family from the Bay Area. 

She worked hard at her job at New York Life insurance group in Pasadena, loved to cheer for the Golden State Warriors and was a pretty good golfer, said sister Cathy Vo Warren. 

Warren remembered her sister as someone who always wanted to do good for those around her. "You'd need a poet to tell you everything," said Cathy's husband, Paul Warren. 

Oct. 04, 2017

Kurt Von Tillow

Kurt Von Tillow was the "most patriotic person you've ever met," brother-in-law Mark Carson told KCRA-TV in Sacramento, California. 

Von Tillow, 55, was at Sunday's concert with his wife, daughter and son-in law, sister and niece, the station reported. The sister and niece were injured and expected to survive, while the other three relatives were unharmed. 

Von Tillow likely was smiling and enjoying the music with his family, sipping on a Coors Light and decked out in red, white and blue, Carson said. 

Oct. 04, 2017

Bill Wolfe

Members of the Shippensburg Greyhound Wrestling team in southern Pennsylvania are raising money to help the family of coach Bill Wolfe, who is among the dead in Las Vegas. 

A gofundme page established to accept donations for Wolfe's family quickly exceeded its goal of $10,000 after being shared hundreds of times on social media, and team booster club said it also was accepting checks to help with family with unexpected expenses. 

Oct. 03, 2017