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Olivet Nazarene University dean’s list

August 4, 2018 GMT

Several local students were named to the dean’s list at Olivet Nazarene University for the spring semester, including: Adrienne Anderson, of Ashkum; Makaila Peters, of Ashkum; Hannah Rattin, of Beaverville; Tiffany Paris, of Beecher; Christopher Green, of Bonfield;

Hannah Bacon, of Bourbonnais; Helen Berdebes, of Bourbonnais; Jacob Bergman, of Bourbonnais; Donald Bonds, of Bourbonnais; Alissa Braschler, of Bourbonnais; Sierra Bruner, of Bourbonnais; Morgan Byers, of Bourbonnais; Jacob Camp, of Bourbonnais; Jordan Case, of Bourbonnais; Byung Chul Cho, of Bourbonnais; Abigail Colbert, of Bourbonnais; Michaela Comer, of Bourbonnais; Evan Dandurand, of Bourbonnais; Hannah Dayhoff, of Bourbonnais; Devlin Devore, of Bourbonnais;


An Doan, of Bourbonnais; Kyle Dwyer, of Bourbonnais; Nathan Eylander, of Bourbonnais; Elana Ferris, of Bourbonnais; Rachel Fisher, of Bourbonnais; Caitlin Fletcher, of Bourbonnais; Amber Forbes, of Bourbonnais; Gabriella Fowler, of Bourbonnais; Kassidi Franzen, of Bourbonnais; Niveditha George, of Bourbonnais; Elizabeth Graven, of Bourbonnais; eter Gray, of Bourbonnais; Kassidy Hewett, of Bourbonnais; Joshua Hoskins, of Bourbonnais; Hannah Kegg, of Bourbonnais; Cameron Kinney, of Bourbonnais; Shubham Kulkarni, of Bourbonnais; Nolan Lewis, of Bourbonnais;

Elizabeth Lowe, of Bourbonnais; McKenzie Mallard, of Bourbonnais; Christopher Martinez, of Bourbonnais; Matthew Martyn, of Bourbonnais; Mary McCabe, of Bourbonnais; Alexis Mickelson, of Bourbonnais; Sarah Moon, of Bourbonnais; Kayla Multon, of Bourbonnais; Benjermin Nelson, of Bourbonnais; Caleb Parker, of Bourbonnais; Emily Parker, of Bourbonnais; Andrew Perabeau, of Bourbonnais; Colin Pickering, of Bourbonnais; Sean Pickering, of Bourbonnais; Jonah Posthumus, of Bourbonnais; Grant Provost, of Bourbonnais; Laneah Ravn, of Bourbonnais;

Alison Reynolds, of Bourbonnais; Jacqulynn Rhea, of Bourbonnais; Kathryn Rogers, of Bourbonnais; Bennet Schimmelpfennig, of Bourbonnais; Carson Schimmelpfennig, of Bourbonnais; Olivia Settle, of Bourbonnais; Alexandra Sterk, of Bourbonnais; Susanna Ritter, of Bourbonnais; Nicholas Stoewsand, of Bourbonnais; John Straw, of Bourbonnais; Cassandra Thomas, of Bourbonnais; Feleo Tuazon, of Bourbonnais; Bianca Valencia, of Bourbonnais; Alexis Wade, of Bourbonnais; Nolan Wade, of Bourbonnais; Amanda White, of Bourbonnais;

Bryann Williams, of Bourbonnais; Jayna Williamson, of Bourbonnais; Britten Wolff, of Bourbonnais; Amber Zuniga, of Bourbonnais; Gabrielle Ozee, of Braceville; Tomlyn Brza, of Bradley; Anna Grable, of Bradley; Megan Grable, of Bradley; Alexandra Harris, of Bradley; Marlena Kalafut, of Bradley; Tabitha Mattox, of Bradley; Rachel Barks, of Braidwood; Allison Larson, of Braidwood;


Taylre Devine, of Chebanse; Evan Schafer, of Chebanse; Dominick Gasperini, of Clifton; Zachary Kennell, of Clifton; Ciara Lindgren, of Clifton; Nicholas Micetich, of Coal City; Patrick Soreng, of Coal City; Faith Anderson, of Custer Park; Samantha Colvin, of Custer Park; Elisabeth Myzia, of Dwight; Natalie Cash, of Gardner; Paige Dickison, of Gardner; Abrial Harkins, of Gilman; Erin Olson, of Gilman; Taylor Zirkle, of Gilman; Nicole Waddell, of Grant Park; Emily Henderson, of Herscher; Jack Ryan, of Herscher;

Stephanie Alvarado, of Kankakee; Justin Banks, of Kankakee; Jatupat Benjasiriroj, of Kankakee; Katie Enfield, of Kankakee; Ana Escobar-Ruiz, of Kankakee; Timothy Fike, of Kankakee; Tyler Fisher, of Kankakee; Celeste Hannay, of Kankakee; Sydney Johnson, of Kankakee; Nathan Lain, of Kankakee; Kailie Patterson, of Kankakee; Elizabeth Peeler, of Kankakee; Alex Petkunas, of Kankakee; Mitchell Schwarzkopf, of Kankakee; Kelsey Stang, of Kankakee; Abby Waide, of Kankakee; Ryan Woodruff, of Kankakee;

Lauren Mohler, of Kempton; Heidi Ackerson, of Manhattan; Mackenzie DesLaurier, of Manhattan; Nicole Pope, of Manhattan; Rachel Conner, of Manteno; Brenten Couch, of Manteno; Brandon Crockett, of Manteno; Nora Crockett, of Manteno; Dallas Drotts, of Manteno; Jessica Gignac, of Manteno; Alexis Gilbert, of Manteno; Bennett Hofmeister, of Manteno;

McKayla Lockwood, of Manteno; Mitchell Lockwood, of Manteno; Guy Maisonneuve, of Manteno; Jesse Nagel, of Manteno; Kayla O’Donohue, of Manteno; Hannah Ondrey, of Manteno; Adam Schaeffer, of Manteno; Brittnay Schmid, of Manteno; Alyssa Snodsmith, of Manteno; Jessica St. Aubin, of Manteno; Skyelar Timm, of Manteno; Abigail Toepper, of Manteno; Kayla Wilson, of Manteno; Emily Yantes, of Manteno;

Cassidy Martin, of Milford; Kayla Siemers, of Milford; Taylor Anderson, of Momence; Adrian Cavender, of Momence; Adam Martin, of Momence; Krishon Seemann, of Momence; Alexxis Velazquez, of Momence; Emily Carstens, of Peotone; Grace Kleindienst, of Peotone; Ashley Nagel, of Peotone; Emily Prium, of Peotone; Jennifer Rhoades, of Peotone; Tyler Sterling, of Peotone; Hannah Shiner, of Piper City;

Rachel Greene, of St. Anne; Michaela Kane, of St. Anne; Dakota Mellish, of St. Anne; Grant Prairie, of St. Anne; Tyler Whitaker, of St. Anne; Madison Spence, of Sheldon; Morgan Depatis, of Watseka; Karalynn Brock, of Wilmington; Susan Soda, of Wilmington; and Miranda Southall, of Wilmington.

University of Illinois’ Springfield campus grads

Several local students graduated from the University of Illinois’ Springfield campus, including: Andrew P. Windmiller, of Bourbonnais, Master of Science in human development counseling; Carey McKinley Vaughn, of St. Anne, Master of Science in public administration; and Kelly C. Podgorny, of Manhattan, Bachelor’s of Science in psychology.

Knox College dean’s list

Several local students were named to the dean’s list at Knox College, including: Brendan Powers, of Bourbonnais, undecided, a graduate of Bradley-Bourbonnais Community High School; Nathan Errampalli, of Bourbonnais, undecided, of Illinois Math and Science Academy; and Kobe Shutter, of Kankakee, economics, of Bishop McNamara Catholic High School.

Hunt earns RN degree

Marshekia (Ledbetter) Hunt recently graduated from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, with a Bachelor of Science degree as a registered nurse. She is the daughter of Mitchell and Marsha Ledbetter, of Bourbonnais. Marshekia will be living in Honolulu, Hawaii, with her husband, Nicholas “Nick” Hunt.

Western Illinois University graduates

Several local students graduated from Western Illinois University, including: Brandon Michael Reyes, of Bourbonnais, Master of Arts in music; Artinese Renee Myrick, of Bradley, Bachelor of Science in social work; Marco Garcia, of Kankakee, Bachelor of Science in network technologies; Brooke Rose Stulga, of Manteno, Bachelor of Science in business in accountancy; Shara M Brewer, of Pembroke Township, Bachelor of Arts in sociology; Kaitlyn Ann Bossolono, of Braidwood, Bachelor of Science in zoology; Rebecca Marie Ellis, Bachelor of Science in social work; John Earl Hergenrother, of Peotone, Bachelor of Science in marketing; Raymond Pigott, of Wilmington, post-baccalaureate certificate in police executive administration; and Ryan William Mumma, of Wilmington, Bachelor of Arts in broadcasting.