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Mort Walker: A friendly world

December 29, 2016

Editor’s note: Stamford resident Mort Walker wrote this poem on the eve of the new year. Walker, 93, is creator of the 66-year-old “Beetle Bailey,” which holds the record for longest-running comic strip produced by its creator.

I like everyone

I wish everyone liked me.

Just think how great

This world would be

If everyone liked everyone,

Especially me.

There would be no wars,

You wouldn’t need to lock your doors.

You could walk down the street at night,

And smile at everyone in sight,

With no fear of harm, no need for alarm.

We’re all good friends, good to the end.

So how do we change the world that way?

First watch every word you say,

No criticism or words of hate,

Just nice compliments you create.

Be kind, be good, and spread some joy.

You’ll always hear a nice “Ahoy!”