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Questions for candidates: How would you work with city administration?

October 27, 2018 GMT

Rochester’s home-rule charter states “The mayor shall have general supervision and control of all of the officers and departments of the city government.”

We asked Rochester’s mayoral candidates how they anticipate working with the city administrator to fulfill this aspect of the office.

Here are their responses:

Kim Norton

Building a strong relationship with the city administrator and working collaboratively and in a common direction with city staff to improve city functions and relationships are key priorities. The day-to-day management is the administrator’s responsibility. As mayor, I will help ensure that the actions taken are consistent with the Strategic Plan, Comprehensive Plan and other long-range plans and ordinances developed by the city council.

I will focus on building an effective relationship with the police department through our new police chief and his leadership team by supporting an expectation for excellence in this department under his leadership and holding him and staff accountable for that goal. I will work with the human resources department to continue building a professional and diverse team of officers. I will also help the police develop strong and positive relationships with residents throughout our community and encourage the use of community and appropriate tech-assisted policing.

Charlie O’Connell

I anticipate the working relationship between the mayor and city administrator to be one of collaboration and trust. If elected as the next mayor of Rochester, my first meeting will be with the city administrator in order to share my leadership vision, style and expectations.

I believe the mayor needs to lead but not micromanage our city team. I will use the next two months to not only meet with the city administrator but with all levels within our city government. I will also take this time to meet with Mayor Ardell Brede in order to gain his valuable insights on how to continue the relationship he had with City Administrator Steve Rymer and other officials.

It is absolutely necessary to meet with all officers and departments the mayor is ultimately responsible in supervising and controlling within our city government. I will work tirelessly to build solid relationships with our staff and community.