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On the Light Side

May 23, 1987

LOS ANGELES (AP) _ An ad man has made good on his promise of a creative marriage proposal, even though it meant a delay in his offer.

″Sue said, ’If you ever propose to me, it had better be creative, Mr. Ad Man,‴ Don Potter said. ″I said if I ever do, it will be.″

Potter’s message to Sue Mendelsohn on the 30-foot-high billboard across from the delicatessen she operates was to the point: ″Sue, Like Bagels and Lox, We Belong Together. So Marry Me, Already 3/8 Love, Don.″

Ms. Mendelsohn said she spotted the message as she walked from her office into the restaurant Monday morning, and ″my heart started pounding.″ The wedding is scheduled for later this year.

Potter said he delayed his proposal for a couple of months, not because he had any doubts, but because the billboard was occupied.


BONNER SPRINGS, Kan. (AP) - Charles Dunlavy through he was in the wrong place when walked into the tourist center along Interstate 70 and was met with two dozen state officials, a TV crew and two women in prairie dresses.

The tourist center was jammed with people ready to honor the first out-of- state travelers to stop at the center.

″I thought I was crashing some private party,″ said Dunlavy, of Ottumwa, Iowa, ″and I knew I wasn’t dressed for it.″

Dunlavy and his wife, Zilpha, were the first tourists in the northeast part of Kansas to take part in a new state promotion called ″Linger Longer,″ to entice people to spend a night in the Sunflower State during their travels.

The Dunlavys received a tote bag Friday with the ″Ah 3/8 Kansas″ tourism slogan, a book of Kansas photographs signed by Gov. Mike Hayden and a book about the landscape.


KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) - For 20 cents a burger, it’s no wonder dozens of people stand in line at Earl’s Hamburgers.

″They taste homemade, you know,″ construction worker Leon McCoy said as he stood in line Friday. ″This is a regular routine for me. I was here last year, but the line wasn’t so long.″

Earl’s has held a burger benefit every year for the last four years to raise money for the Salvation Army. He sells 10 hamburgers for $2, and has raised $7,000 over the years.

″I don’t know what they (customers) do with them, and I don’t care as long as we get the $2 for the Salvation Army,″ said Howard Phillips, owner of Earl’s. The sale continues until it reaches its goal of selling 8,100 hamburgers.


SOUTH HADLEY, Mass. (AP) - The first mother and daughter to graduate together at 150-year-old Mount Holyoke College will receive bachelor’s degrees Sunday, the school said.

Gloria Chace, 43, of Granby said she will be only one step ahead of her daughter in the commencement line at Mount Holyoke. ″I think it’s fitting a mother should graduate before her daughter,″ the 43-year-old student said Friday.


SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (AP) - U.S. Rep. Edward P. Boland is betting a basketball against 10 boxes of cereal that his constituents have put together the longest breakfast table in the world.

The Massachusetts Democrat from the city that claims to be the birthplace of basketball accepted the wager from U.S. Rep. Howard Wolpe, D-Mich.

Wolpe claims Battle Creek, Mich., the self-proclaimed cereal capital of the world, will beat Springfield in the contest that has come to be known as the Breakfast Bowl.

Springfield won the title from Battle Creek on Sunday with a 3,600-foot table that seated 27,067 people. Battle Creek, hometown to Kellogg and Post cereal makers, will try to reclaim the title for the world’s longest breakfast table on June 6.

″I have four young children who eat a lot of cereal,″ Boland wrote Wolpe in accepting his challenge. ″My bringing home 10 boxes would put me in good with them.″

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