GOP chair slams Democrats for shutdown: ‘Democrats are weak on national security’

December 27, 2018 GMT

Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel on Thursday hammered home the party’s government-shutdown message that Democrats don’t care about border security.

“Democrats are weak on national security,” Mrs. McDaniel tweeted as a partial government shutdown continued for a sixth day.

Mr. Trump and Democrats are locked in a standoff over the president’s demand for roughly $5 billion for border security including a wall or barrier on the southern border, with 25 percent of the government shuttered in the meantime.

In the tweet, Mrs. McDaniel gave her list of Democratic lawmakers’ shortcoming on the illegal immigration and border security front, such as voting against Kate’s Law that would have increased penalties for illegal immigrants who return to U.S. after being deported.


Mrs. McDaniel also faulted Democrats for supporting sanctuary cities and catch-and-release policies for illegal immigrants at the border.

Democratic leaders insist that they support border security but oppose Mr. Trump’s wall, saying it is a costly and ineffective solution to illegal immigration. They have called instead for a high-tech virtual wall.