DC council moves to lessen restrictions on lemonade stands

July 11, 2019 GMT

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Washington, D.C., Council is considering legislation that would allow minors to run small-scale businesses such as lemonade stands without having to get a business license or permit.

WTOP-FM reports Councilman Brandon Todd on Tuesday introduced the Lemonade Stand Amendment Act of 2019, which was co-sponsored by all the other members. The bill would allow minors to operate small businesses as long as the businesses are open for no more than 100 days and are reasonably distanced from licensed commercial businesses.


Todd said harassment against entrepreneurial minors has become too common. The District isn’t the first to move to protect underage entrepreneurs; Colorado, Texas and New York have similar legislation. Country Time Lemonade also got into the mix and started a “Legal-Ade” to help pay for fines and permits.


Information from: WTOP-FM, http://www.wtop.com